Victoria rolls out dark new microbrew | Nicaragua Dispatch

I’m really excited to try this new dark beer “Maestro.”

I like my Tona’s but a little variety is a good thing!

via Victoria rolls out dark new microbrew | Nicaragua Dispatch.

ON EDIT: I tried Maestro and found it to be very tasty!  Not exactly a dark beer, but it is hoppy and has a good little kick to it.  Definitely recommended for those who want something different from Tona.

Project Bona Fide – Permaculture in Nicaragua



Great project and great people in Ometepe!  Chris Shanks came and visited El Porton Verde a couple of years ago and gave us a great consultation on how to implement permaculture techniques on the farm.  Amazing to see in just a couple of years the progress we’ve made on the farm just implementing a couple of his ideas.
Project Bona Fide


Is a new city, small but big at heart. Its inhabitants are workers: from dawn devoted to various tasks, mostly commercial. Skin to skin, heat with heat, practice solidarity, offer your hand to the needy because everyone, without exception, at some point in their lives, have faced penalties, uncertainty, failure, arrogance of power that marginalizes, wars and the ravages of nature, torrential rains, overflowing rivers, streams and winds, as if trying toremind the damage.


Getting off the Gringo Trail in Nicaragua: Try the Coffee Route

Welcome …
The “Ruta del Café” is a tourist destination covering the five departments of the North Central region of Nicaragua: Estelí, Jinotega, Madriz, Matagalpa and Nueva Segovia. Known as a region of mountains and forests cool cloud forests, the North is much more: they are living traditions with their mazurkas and polkas, artisans clay, marble stone, the cob are exceptional products such as coffee, tobacco, or their famous rosquillas of Somoto. It is also full of history with heroic deeds of General Augusto Cesar Sandino and most of all, the region is full of welcoming people who will receive you as their friends.

Ideal for cultural tourism with its picturesque towns and typical villages, the North also lends itself to the farm house on coffee farms or paths traveled by its nature reserves. With a wide range of options, one may stay in small hotels or share colonial life in the hostels in the country. The food is always tasty, farm-fresh and based on corn, for example, the renowned Güirila.

The aim of the “Guides for the Ruta del Café” is to make known to visitors the diversity of the Northern Region for Tourist Routes and for which the tourist bureau provides maps and lists of attractions. Visitors may also find the tourist and service providers contacts listed. If you are interested in buying tour packages, you can order directly from tour operators in the region of Esteli, Jinotega, Matagalpa, Ocotal and Somoto.

Do not hesitate to combine holiday “Coffee Route” with the other tourist routes promoted by the Nicaraguan Tourism Institute such as the “Water Route” or “Colonial Road and Volcano.”
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