Get off the Gringo Trail: Welcome to the “Route of the Coffee”—The Green Route of Nicaragua

How green is your travel? Keeping in mind ways to minimize damage to the planet during your travels is becoming more and more important to a growing number of travelers.  Visiting Nicaragua in and of itself, in my opinion, is a great way to have some great adventures while ensuring that your travels have minimal impact to the environment.  Why? Because being in Nicaragua is by and large a way to lessen your carbon footprint since the lifestyle and typical ways to live, travel, and consume are much less obnoxious than in North America or Europe.

For example, most visitors here forego the rental car and take local transportation.  Traveling by “chicken bus” or expresso mini-van has much less impact than renting a car and driving around just by yourselves.  There are tons of other reasons too.  For example, most people travel inexpensively, the so-called “mochileros” (backpackers) are saving the planet lots of wear and tear since you are not staying in air conditioned hotels, you are eating the local food, and by supporting ecological practices and your decision making on where to go, how to spend your money, and what sorts of adventures you will have, you are saving lots of energy, minimizing your waste, and in general just by being in Nicaragua you are using less energy than you would back home.

This is of course not taking into consideration the carbon footprint of your plane flight, but there are ways to offset that too.  Point being, Nicaragua is a great choice for ecologically-minded travelers! Here is one route that gets you off the gringo trail and helps local environmental and ecological systems to maintain and improve the quality of life for the wildlife and the people who live in these somewhat remote areas.  Consider it, won’t you?

Bienvenidos a la “Ruta del Café”: La Ruta Verde de Nicaragua..

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