Maya Nut Institute – Finding Balance Between People, Food and Forests

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interesting tropical nut tree “ojoche” and the non-profit helping to replant the tree and have native peoples see benefits to the community and families…I want some seedlings or seeds!

Maya Nut Institute – Finding Balance Between People, Food and Forests.

The Maya Nut Institute provides a new paradigm of community based conservation which focuses on women as the caretakers of the family and the environment. By providing women with the skills they need to earn income and feed their children, we improve women’s lives and the lives of their families.

Our program is unique because it addresses key factors for sustainable livelihoods in one program: Sociocultural, Environmental and Economic

Our methodology is based on the principles of active learning and suitable technology. Through one-day workshops in rural communities, we train women about the recipes, nutrition, processing, and marketing of the Maya Nut. In these workshops, women gather to cook together, exchange stories and experiences with the Maya Nut, and listen to short presentations on the health content of the Maya Nut, including how it compares to common food sources such as beans and corn. Some of the delicious foods they learn to prepare with the Maya Nut in these workshops include tamales, tortillas, salad, cakes, cookies, tortas, ice cream, and beverages. This knowledge of the Maya Nut as a free and nutritious food source motivates them to conserve rainforests, plant Maya Nut trees, and get organized to produce and market Maya Nut products so that they can earn income.

The Maya Nut program has demonstrated positive and lasting impacts on:

  • Rainforest conservation
  • Reforestation
  • Health and nutrition
  • Food security
  • Women’s incomes, self-esteem and status
  • Maternal health and infant birth weights

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