Sweet Potato Harvest

Even though we already had a pretty good harvest of these back a few months ago, there were still several in the ground, awaiting the second and final harvest. Pretty good for a little patch about one & 1/2 meter square!

Found some camote in the garden today...

Sweet potato is an excellent tropical permaculture crop.  It is easy to grow, harvest, and store. Is a good “in the ground” source of calories, provides ground cover to prevent too many weeds from growing, and best yet, is a tasty dish served baked, fried, mashed, or really any way you cook it!

For more information about sweet potatoes in a tropical permaculture situation, check this link.

The best hotels in Managua | The Nicaragua Report

Our fellow Nicaragua bloggers @ The Nicaragua Report have a write-up on the “best hotels” in Managua…I have a comment on there mentioning the Holiday Inn but also asking how many visitors are really looking for a chain hotel downtown when there are so many nice “boutique” hotels, Bed and Breakfast, and small inns that provide such lovely personalized service…including and especially Farmstay El Porton Verde por supuesto!
The best hotels in Managua | The Nicaragua Report

Sweet street dogs in Nicaragua

One of the big changes you see coming from another country to Nicaragua is that there are always dogs on the street.  Most of them have a home somewhere, but some are skinny mangy strays that are skulking around looking for some food to scrounge. It is sad to see.  Here is a really nice video call “Sweet Dog Video” by writer/composer Evan Bliss who is living in Nicaragua at present.  Enjoy!