Sweet street dogs in Nicaragua

One of the big changes you see coming from another country to Nicaragua is that there are always dogs on the street.  Most of them have a home somewhere, but some are skinny mangy strays that are skulking around looking for some food to scrounge. It is sad to see.  Here is a really nice video call “Sweet Dog Video” by writer/composer Evan Bliss who is living in Nicaragua at present.  Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Sweet street dogs in Nicaragua

  1. Great song and video. I am a huge advocate of rescue dogs and I have one of my own from a local shelter here in Ca. I am headed to Nicaragua in 2 weeks. I’m very worried about what kind of shape the dogs will be in… I’m a dog lover and I’m hoping it won’t be too bad.

    • Hi River and thanks so much for dropping by! I hope you have a great time in Nicaragua on your upcoming visit. Yes, for real animal lovers on a first visit it can be kind of tough, no getting around it. As Buddha says ““What is the noble truth of suffering?” (i.e. we all suffer in our own ways; such is life).

      Especially getting around now and April is the real dry season and especially the horses and cows get really skinny since the grass has all dried up. Street dogs are great, we have one here on the farm to be the night watch-doggy.

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