Costa Rican environmentalist expelled from own country | Nica Gazette

mmmm not good Ticos!

If this story gets out to the public at large a bit more it may really make people who care about the environment think twice about vacationing in Costa Rica. Per the story, this fellow Cabezas is head of a Tico environmental group and had the temerity to ask that country’s Supreme Court to issue an injunction stopping construction of the controversial highway that Costa Rica is putting in on their side of the Rio San Juan, basically clear cutting in a zone that is very rainy so that all the runoff will go directly into the river, causing lots of environmental damage.

Costa Rican environmentalist expelled from own country | Nica Gazette.

money quote:

“What really motivated me,” he said, “was when our president said to Daniel Ortega, the president of Nicaragua, that she was not going to give him any information about the highway. She didn’t open up channels for peace. How can it be that our country, which talks so much about peace, acts that way?

Hey reader, watcha think?