Despojo a Teonoste espanta inversiones – LA PRENSA — EL Diario de los Nicaragüenses

Now (as I understand it), the head guy of the COSEP is in the video (see link). COSEP, which supposedly looks out for the rights of private investments in Nicaragua is saying mas o menos: “hey this is a legal process and just let it work itself out” meanwhile investors are likely saying “hold on a minute, the government can just come and take our properties?”Way to go and screw up the economy…who in their right mind will invest large amounts of money here now?

Despojo a Teonoste espanta inversiones – LA PRENSA — EL Diario de los Nicaragüenses.

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Dispossession scares Teonoste investment

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  • Congressman and lawyer say abuse of power shares of the PGR


COSEP defends case of Punta Teonoste

Jose Adan Silva, Gisella Baca Lucydalia Channels and Castellón

The precedent that is leaving the theft of 20 acres of land from Punta Teonoste tourism project in Rivas, is serious and not reversed could cripple tourism investment in coastal areas, assessed the deputy of the Nicaraguan Democratic Bench (BDN) and entrepreneur tourism sector, Alfredo Gutierrez.

“I think it would cripple almost to zero any type of tourism investment. If the Intur said that last year authorized 130-odd million dollars in tourism investment, they will go to zero, and also that there may be projects (already approved) to be paralyzed, “Gutierrez said.

The legislator, who is a member of the Tourism Commission of the National Assembly, said that for investors, the fear is grounded to the case of making the PGR to own Panica SA, Carretera a Masaya and now in Punta Teonoste.

“It starts to take the fear starting to have more regular actions in this regard,” said Gutierrez.

The MP said in Teonoste broke with the administrative process, because in case of doubts about the legality of the property, using administrative and legal channels.

In any case not for the PGR to make an assessment, but the Coastal Commission and the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies (Ineter), as mandated by law for the Coastal Development, noted the legislature.

“The worst is coming and is given to a third … that gives specific dye combined with piñata confiscation, “said Gutierrez.

The Attorney General of the Republic, Hernán Estrada, seized this week via “manu militari”approximately 20 acres of land to Swiss investors and owners Nicaraguans resort Punta Teonoste, to give them away to ex-guerrilla Sandinista Edén Pastora.

As current official unconstitutional regime of President Daniel Ortega, Pastora is now declared “demobilized” of war and entitled to receive benefits covering members of the Nicaraguan Resistance at the time of the peace accords of 1990.


For general exprocurador Republic, Alberto Novoa, the actions of the Attorney General under the direction of Estrada are an abuse of power of attorney by the State against a third party.

“The organic law of the PGR and its regulations it does is regulate the function and organization of the institution, gives powers to ensure the rule of law, and how to interpret the rule of law is another thing,” he analyzed.

“The Constitution provides that when there are conflicts between yours and mine, no matter who the complainants, is the judiciary that has to settle disputes,” said Novoa.

“There is no rule that says that the PGR is given powers to intervene by force a private property, much less to give to a third party, use force to do so is an abuse of power of the PGR,” he said.

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