Wanted:Small house with pool (Updated 6/28/12)

This post was originally about a post from a couple looking for a small house with a swimming pool.  I was intending to get in touch with them via Craigslist, I thought we might have a place for them since we have an excellent 1 bedroom apartment in front of our swimming pool with great views of the mountains and volcanoes.

Wanted:Small house with pool.

After I contacted them, these folks put up a new Craigslist ad specifying that they want Pacific coast; they wanted to have a base from which they could check out other parts of the coast to see what works best for them. I thought about it some.  I get it, really I do.

However, just know something about your idea to look around on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua for your preferred place to live.  It’s not gonna be that easy to get around to the different areas, just have to say…

It is really worth your while to check out the other areas such as Jiquilillo, Padre Ramos, Miramar, El Astillero, La Boquita, Huehuete, Casares, Pochomil, El Transito, etc.Getting to those places from Managua is a lot easier than from San Juan del Sur, for example.

What I’m getting at is that there is no coastal highway in Nicaragua.  It has been on the plans and supposedly has almost started, some section was to be completed, etc. but long story short(ish), it is nowhere near being complete.  The deal with that is that let’s say you are in San Juan del Sur but want to go and check out the beaches of Tola. As the crow flies it is not far at all, maybe ten or fifteen miles, but there are no paved roads along the coast.

The quickest way would be to drive inland to the Panamericana, drive north to Rivas, then take the road to Tola, and finally the dirt road to wherever you want to go in the Tola area (Popoyo, Rancho Santana, Playa Iguana, Gigante, Astillero, Playa Guasacate, etc.)  So what should be a twenty-minute drive if there was a coastal route takes probably an hour and a half. Talk about being a pain in the nalga!

So what I’m putting out there is the idea that the outskirts of Managua, where El Porton Verde is located, is an excellent location for someone who is truly dedicated to finding the best spot along the coast.

Why? Because from here it is the central location on the Pacific coast to check out various spots North Nicaragua, Central Nicaragua, and South Nicaragua.  For good reason, San Juan del Sur and the whole Rivas coastline is truly the Nicaraguan Riviera if there is one, but there are almost 400 miles of Pacific coastline and Rivas is maybe 50-60 miles of that?

If you are serious about living on the Pacific coast and really want to check out the other areas (recommended), then staying temporarily on the outskirts of Managua is a really good idea, since it is so much easier to see rest of the coastline and transport is so much simpler since this is the capital city and all roads run through Managua.

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