Best and Worst of Nicaragua

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Best and Worst

To all those actually living in Nicaragua.

Please list the top 3 things that you like about living in Nicaragua and list the top 3 things that make you want to leave.

Thanks for your help.

My take:
Top three likes of living in Nicaragua
1. I’m able to do things here I had only dreamed of being able to do in the States; mainly to be able to get off of the US-style treadmill. Own free and clear my own permaculture farm, eco-tourism, a nice house with land, own swimming pool, grow my own corn & beans, getting the basics taken care of so I don’t have to focus on mundane tasks so much and maybe most importantly, I have the time to write and read.

2. Great surfing with year-round warm water, low crowd factors, and just tons of great beaches up and down the coastline.

3. Being able to eat organic and healthy food that I don’t have to cook or clean up.

Three things that make me want to leave.

1. I have been missing my friends and especially, my family something fierce; some of them are ill and may not be around for too much longer.

2. I want to leave the country at least temporarily at two times of the year: When it gets really hot in March and April I want to go somewhere cooler; in late September & October I want to go somewhere drier. When it is really hot we can stay in-country and just go up to Selva Negra or somewhere like that. The rains in October are just a good excuse to take off for a month because the tourist season is dead at that time.

3. Lack of some of the more cosmopolitan aspects of modern life in the States. For example: some ethnic food types such as Thai and Indian food, bands that I adore but just don’t play live shows in Nicaragua, being able to go to like San Francisco, Vegas, etc., attend opening, international art shows and museums, etc.

One I forgot

Everyday is a good day to drink a cold beer! (that’s a definite “Like” btw!)

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