Managua a beautiful place to live (YouTube)

This is a video in Spanish from CNN en Espanol which tells us that Managua is a nice place to live, cost of living is low, it is secure, a good place for expatriates to live, has a growing economy, etc.

It is interesting to me that the larger world (at least the Spanish speaking communities) are recognizing that Nicaraguan and specifically Managua is a good place to live.  I definitely agree, but don’t let everyone know about it hahaha!!

3 thoughts on “Managua a beautiful place to live (YouTube)

  1. I think the outskirts of Managua are the best place to live and not right in the hustle and bustle (and heat) of Managua.

    • thanks for the comment Michael…well you’ll get no argument from me here, we love it up here in the hills…hey are you in-country? we are having a grand opening of our new swimming pool in a couple of weeks and if you don’t mind I will send you an invite when we get a firm date if you are here in Nicaragua.

      • Unfortunately not in the country yet, hoping to be sometime in the following months. When is the grand opening? Regardless of when I make it down to Nica, I would love to come check it out. I love that area outside of town where you guys are located.

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