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Well there used to be Texaco, Esso, and up until a year or two ago, Mobil gas stations here in Nicaragua, but now there are only Uno, Puma, and Petronic.  Uno I believe is Brazilian, Puma is Swiss, and Petronic is Nica/Venezuelan?  Anyway, you won’t see any familiar gas station signs here anymore if you are from North America.

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Farewell to Esso

* CEO confirms and indicates that buyers are Puma Energy International, based in Geneva, Switzerland
* A total of 290 stations, eight campuses including the refinery, and operation will be completed around 2011
* Ensure job stability and better care in refining, storage and fuel distribution

By Oliver Gomez | National

Farewell to the Esso

The Eastern Seaboard Standard Oil brand, better known as Esso for its acronym in English, will disappear from Nicaragua and Central America before the end of 2011, as its parent Exxon Mobil, based in Texas, United States, sold all its assets to the Swiss Puma Energy International, which now assume the importation, storage, distribution and dispensing of fuels and lubricants.

Joaquim De Magalhaes, general manager of Esso Standard Oil in Nicaragua and confirmed to El Nuevo Diario, after the Business Support Center, ExxonMobil in Guatemala, officially disclosed in a statement, which details the assets that had offered to Puma Energy , and the company “agreed to the acquisition.”

The total amount of the deal said ignore it, because it is a transaction at the highest levels of the company, “which was taken and signed the decision that now we meet in Nicaragua and throughout the region,” refined.
290 gas stations and eight campuses

In the account of assets sold, ExxonMobil stands out in the statement that summarizes all operations in the region, ie, which includes the company Esso Standard Oil SA Limited (Essosa).

Essosa is the company that manages the import of oil by Esso Central America Marine Supply Company Limited (Emsco), also operations in El Salvador through Santa Elena Services SA and in Nicaragua by Esso Standard Oil SA also manages the franchise installed at petrol stations shops by signing Automarket Ltd.

Detail that in total are about 290 gas stations and eight campuses operating refining, distribution and storage of hydrocarbons, as well as industrial fuels business, marine and aviation.

“Included in the scope of this operation Managua Refinery (Manref), currently 100 percent owned by ExxonMobil, the 65% interest in Essosa RASA Refinery, El Salvador, and chemical facilities associated asphalt refineries, “they add.

Puma, now the strongest in CA
“The acquisition of ExxonMobil companies marks a significant milestone in growing our business in Central America,” said Pierre Eladari, the president of Puma Energy, and who announced the final signing of the contract of sale.

“It positions us as one of the fuel supply companies leaders in the region. We believe that this, coupled with our acquisition of the terminal and network Capeco stations in Puerto Rico, creates one of the strongest and most dynamic participants in this market, “said Eladari said in a statement of Puma Energy.

The official noted that Puma with this contract now venture into three new markets, including Nicaragua, which he called “a great and exciting opportunity.”

“Our desire is to create and sustain a reliable fuel supply, low cost and highest quality from source to final consumer. Nothing fancy, nothing fancy: our pledge is to offer the best in fuel, “he said.

De Magalhaes explained that this is a regional purchase everything using the Esso brand, and includes six countries in total: Nicaragua, Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Panama. “They give each and every one of the operations in Central America,” said the executive.

Over 50 years of operations
The executive summed up the company Esso “virtually disappears from the market” after more than 50 years of operations, but felt that “some lubricants are likely to continue circulating, but no longer imported by us but by the agents, dealers or companies interested in our products. ”

A series of meetings beginning next week to make formal surrender of all assets to the new owners from next month, he said, and expect to complete this process over the next four months.

He indicated that by October next expect to complete the entire delivery, but the brand still exposed in several gas stations in our country, as it is part of such processes. “Continue normal operations, the market continues to operate on a regular basis,” de Magalhaes.

Job security
“They (Puma Energy) start working with us starting next month, and about four or six months they are fully assuming” he said, to ensure that one of the agreements is the job security of employees and ensuring of regular operations.

De Magalhaes said all employees have their jobs guaranteed, and are “few” officers who retire from the company, because they belong to the international return and occupy the highest positions. “In my case, for example, I retreat to assume other roles as part of ExxonMobil,” he said.

Puma Energy International BV was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, but operates in 23 countries and has regional offices in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East for the marketing, refining and international distribution of fuels.

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  1. Would you know how I can get in touch with the Esso gas company in Panama? Esso still exists here. I really need to get in touch with the company, as the local gas station isn´t compensating me for the new credit card I had to get when one of their employees was putting the number into his cell phone, acting as though it was part of the machine! Thanks much

    • Hi Brenda: Sorry I don’t know anything about Esso in Panama. They are part of Exxon-Mobil though. Via Google I was able to find an address for you.

      Esso Standard Oil, S.A. Limited
      Bldg. 0789, La Boca Road
      Balboa, Panama

      Good luck with getting any compensation. I hope you didn’t lose any $.

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