Grito Rock 2012 in Managua –

Brazilian rock festival to be held @ the Allianza Francaise

Grito Rock 2012 in Managua –

Two days of national bands and Dj’s concert, during the event of the Latin American artistic movement in Nicaragua.

The first date will be the electronic night; the second will be rock, pop, ska and hip hop bands. In this way will be distributed the event Grito Rock Nicaragua 2012, which will be held this Thursday March 29 and Friday March 30 at the French Alliance in Managua. The event will be open to the public, with free entry. In total, 20 national bands and DJ’s, including some new ones, will make sounds with their musical proposals on the scenario.

This is the second year of the event in Nicaragua. Born in Brazil in 2002, Grito Rock is an annual independent collective festival that has achieved big success, reaching more and more cities and participant countries. The purpose of the project is “to encourage and professionalize the music independent scene” – quote by the organizers description – through production, collaboration and cultural diffusion. Every city handles its events program and dates. This year, the festival will be held in 200 Latin American cities, and for the first time it came to Spain.

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