Sport Fishing Tournament in Lake Apanas

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Lake Apanás is a reservoir located in the north of Nicaragua. It is created by the dam on the Río Tuma to the north of Jinotega. The reservoir has an area of 51 square kilometers.
It is a source of much of nation’s hydropower for the Asturias hydroelectric station.

If you are looking into moving to Nicaragua, and are keen on having cool weather and love sport fishing, you should definitely visit this area of northern Nicaragua.

Sport fishing in Apanás

Translated from the original Spanish from El Nuevo Diario:

The idea is to form ten teams of three participants each.

This coming Sunday April 29th, the fifth Fishing Tournament on Lake Apanás, Jinotega, will be held.  This is an activity that seeks to promote the ecotourism potential that exists in the 54 square kilometers of this water resource.

The tournament is scheduled to start at 7 am in the Community of the Chilamate, located on the banks of Apanás, 22 kilometers from the city of Jinotega. Win the crew that achieves the best fishing catch of “guapote lagunero.”

As Otto Gonzalez, CEO of the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism in Jinotega explained, at 5 pm all participants must return to the starting point to weigh their catch.

Tournament Rules
One of the requirements for a guapote to be included in the competition is that the fish must meet a minimum size requirement of 12 inches.

It also requires guapotes are male, because it is promoting the preservation of the females, which ensure the reproduction of the species, said Gonzalez.

Registration for the competition is free, are open until the day of the event and is expected to include about 30 fishermen.

House for sale on the lake at San Jorge in Rivas | vendo casa en el lago de san jorge – Rivas – Casa

I started picking up the RSS feed for and thought perhaps to share it with our readers.

I had sort of forgotten about that website.  Fairly good volume of properties and good site searchability. Here’s an interesting property and in an area that we haven’t shown any of our dear reader(s) as yet, so enjoy!

vendo casa en el lago de san jorge – Rivas – Casa.vendo casa en el lago de san jorge - Rivas - Rivas - Nicaragua

This is a nice looking little house that is right on Lake Nicaragua in San Jorge; San Jorge has the pleasure of being the main point of embarkation point for Isla Ometepe, well within the heart of the “Golden Triangle”of Granada, San Juan del Sur, and Ometepe Island. Solid-looking wall there in front and asking $40,000.

San Jorge isn’t for everyone, but has some nice positives in that being lakefront there is nearly always a nice breeze off the lake which keeps it somewhat fresh, it is near the regional (departamento) capital of Rivas…you can get your banking, shopping done there..excellent transportation center, and of course is a quick boat ride to Ometepe but perhaps more conveniently located on the mainland.

The main negative is the lake flies.  They don’t bite or anything, but at certain times of the year they have mass population explosions and can be quite bothersome especially while dining and drinking.

Prospective good deal here, just make sure to check if it is a titled property or is it a leasehold.  It might be part leasehold and part titled too.

For rent in Nicaragua / Tola | CASA EN POPOYO

For sale for $700,000 but rents for $350???? Sounds way too good to be true, but if it is, someone will snatch it right up! Imagine a startup to your Nicaragua life by running this as a custom surfhouse with boat and land tours to the other area beaches…

If the rent is really that cheap, then this is an excellent business opportunity for an enterprising person.

For rent in Nicaragua / Tola | CASA EN POPOYO.

Solar panels to be installed in rural areas – LA PRENSA — EL Diario de los Nicaragüenses

Installed solar panels to rural areas

The solar panels will allow the rural areas have energy in their homes.


Managua / ACAN-EFE

The Government of Nicaragua announced today it will install 534 solar panels, with an investment of $ 12 million that will generate electricity for about 1,200 homes in a rural community in the south.

The chief executive of the National Electricity Transmission Company (Enatrel), Salvador Mansell, told official media that the solar plant will be installed in the community of La Trinidad, a town of Diriamba, 41 kilometers south of Managua, which is currently not have electricity.

The official said that the 534 solar panels with 250 kilowatts of power, will generate 1.38 megawatts of power.

Investment in this project is 12 million dollars, of which 11.5 were provided by the Government of Japan and the rest by the Nicaraguan government agency, explained Mansell.

Project is expected to begin generating power in November, according to official information.

Original in Spanish:

Instalarán paneles solares para zonas rurales – LA PRENSA — EL Diario de los Nicaragüenses.

Feeding the Soil for a Better Coffee Harvest « Sustainable Farming in Nicaragua

Perhaps more detail on how coffee farmers make compost than you ever wanted to know, but it is interesting that the organic coffee farmers need organic compost and that the certified organic coffee producers must either have their in-house compost system certified or obtain the precious “abono” from a likewise-certified entity. Applause to Rachel Wyatt Lindsay at SosteNica for this article and her work!

Feeding the Soil for a Better Coffee Harvest « Sustainable Farming in Nicaragua.

Farms Atlántico Sur (Bluefields). | venta | Farm in Bluefields : USD 55000.00

I don’t know much about Bluefields (as yet…) but this sure looks like a pretty sweet setup. 1 k from town and on the river. 34 hectares is a lot of land too…

Farms Atlántico Sur (Bluefields). | venta | Farm in Bluefields : USD 55000.00.

Farm in Bluefields

For rent in Nicaragua / Catarina | House at the shore of the Laguna de Apoyo

This looks like it might be a nice option for someone looking to rent at Laguna de Apoyo, a beautiful volcanic lake with crystal clear waters that is near the Pueblos Blancos and Granada.

For rent in Nicaragua / Catarina | House at the shore of the Laguna de Apoyo.

House at the shore of the Laguna de Apoyo

Shrimp Farm for Sale in La Paz Centro

hey reader(s): thanks for tuning in!  For those interested in business and investment opportunities in Nicaragua, this one is right up there, as shrimp farming is a growing and profitable business. Check it out and if you are interested, let us know about it!

standard disclaimer EPV is just passing this on to you, our dear reader(s), and has no interest whatsoever in the sale of any properties listed here.

Vendo Granja Camaronera lista para trabajar!!! – La Paz Centro – Locales en alquiler – en venta.

ON EDIT: I see the same place is for sale on another website with a price and better photos. Here’s the link to

Vendo Granja Camaronera lista para trabajar!!! - La Paz Centro - Locales en alquiler - en venta

good deal at Pelican Eyes Resort & Spa in San Juan del Sur, nights for $120 instead of $200 + restaurant discount

I’m working on a general post on Groupon-like websites to be found in Nicaragua, but until then, this is a good deal from on of those sites, “tuYa” in which you may be interested.

tuYa | ¡Por solo U$120 en vez de U$200 disfruta de 1 noche para 2 personas en Pelican Eyes Resort and Spa – San Juan del Sur! + 15% de descuento en el Restaurante.