House for sale on the lake at San Jorge in Rivas | vendo casa en el lago de san jorge – Rivas – Casa

I started picking up the RSS feed for and thought perhaps to share it with our readers.

I had sort of forgotten about that website.  Fairly good volume of properties and good site searchability. Here’s an interesting property and in an area that we haven’t shown any of our dear reader(s) as yet, so enjoy!

vendo casa en el lago de san jorge – Rivas – Casa.vendo casa en el lago de san jorge - Rivas - Rivas - Nicaragua

This is a nice looking little house that is right on Lake Nicaragua in San Jorge; San Jorge has the pleasure of being the main point of embarkation point for Isla Ometepe, well within the heart of the “Golden Triangle”of Granada, San Juan del Sur, and Ometepe Island. Solid-looking wall there in front and asking $40,000.

San Jorge isn’t for everyone, but has some nice positives in that being lakefront there is nearly always a nice breeze off the lake which keeps it somewhat fresh, it is near the regional (departamento) capital of Rivas…you can get your banking, shopping done there..excellent transportation center, and of course is a quick boat ride to Ometepe but perhaps more conveniently located on the mainland.

The main negative is the lake flies.  They don’t bite or anything, but at certain times of the year they have mass population explosions and can be quite bothersome especially while dining and drinking.

Prospective good deal here, just make sure to check if it is a titled property or is it a leasehold.  It might be part leasehold and part titled too.