Discount Deals Websites for Nicaragua


To my knowledge, there are two different “groupon-type”websites for Nicaragua. If anyone reading this knows of additional sites like these (or how to find out where the good deals are in general) please comment below!

ON EDIT: Found a Facebook page with daily deals.  Check here–>

I’ll quickly cover what they are, how they work, and give you a sample of the sorts of specials they offer.



NICAPRECIOS runs on a subsciption model; that is, you provide them with your email address and they send you weekly updates. They are very forward-thinking in that they are on Facebook and Twitter, and support sharing your great deal on one or more social networks.

For you techies out there, they use a Joomla platform, develop web applications and sites, and specialize in social network marketing campaigns.


The deals come in different categories, but two types predominate; tourism and Services. Some sample deals that may be of interest include:

  • An adventure tour of Cerro Negro where you go and “surf the volcano” with Bosa Tours and Travel.
  • Dental cleaning for only $10 at Clinica Dental Santa Clara. I went and did this and the service, facilities, equipment, and dentists were first-class. They use European equipment that is much superior to what is used in a typical dentist’s office in the USA, for example.


tuYA has a better variety and quantity of deals available. Using the same sort of subscription model as NICAPRECIOS, tuYA has more “deals” in that there are usually at least 50% discounts available.

Similar to NICAPRECIOS, all their deals are hooked into the social networks.


The variety of deals is really good on tuYA, they have lots of personal services such as spa, beauty, and health, but they also have deals on classes such as yoga, karate, drawing, and personal defense.

The other area that might be of interest to visitors or residents of Nicaragua is their restaurant, lodging and shopping deals. Here are a few samples:

  • 75% discount for one night and two days for 2 people at the new Aqua Wellness Resort & Spa in Tola
  • Pay $7 and consume $14 at Pane e Vino Restaurant
  • 55% discount at Ponte Vecchio Boutique

Todo Ofertas Nicaragua

“Everything you are looking for in one place” is their motto, and at a glance, it looks like they have some okay deals, but more in the vein of individuals selling items, not a store discount sort of offering. Mostly they sell technological gizmos.


  •  Google Android Tablet for $159.00
  •  Nikon Coolpix L120 asking $250 (negotiable)
  • iPad protectors


Todo Ofertas Nicaragua: