Nicaraguan Coffee Sells for over $20 a pound!

wow, Nicaraguan coffee producers are winning the competition in the marketplace. These farmers won the Nicaraguan edition of the XI Cup of Excellence auction by selling their coffee for $22.40 per pound! This is great news for all the coffee producers in the country. Here is a snippet of the story translated from

Pay more than $ 2,000 per quintal of Nica coffee

The brothers Romulus and Theodule Paulo Paguaga Spears, of the El Farallon, sold their coffee at U.S. $ 1.000 per hundredweight

By Alma Arias Vidaurre | National

Pay more than $ 2,000 per quintal of coffee unique
Rodrigo Peralta Paguaga. MANUEL ESQUIVEL / END
The coffee grown Rodrigo Peralta Paguaga in the highlands and generally wet Nueva Segovia, was honored yesterday in an electronic auction world, where you put 23 bags of coffee, which was priced at U.S. $ 22.40 per pound, U.S. $ 2.240 per hundredweight.

The winner of first place in the XI edition of the Cup of Excellence surpassed last year’s winner, Napoleon III Gomez, Township Dipilto jurisdiction of New Segovia, who received a price of U.S. $ 1.830 per quintal in the previous auction.

Buyers from U.S., Europe and Asia participated in the electronic bidding began at 7:00 am yesterday, and ended before noon.

Infographic The ten best prices

In this last stage of the tournament Cup of Excellence, second place went to a coffee processed in the same area of Nicaragua, in the La Divina Providencia, owned by Misael Sauceda, and obtained a price of U.S. $ 15 per pound, U.S. $ 1,500 per quintal.

You can see the actual results here.

(rah-rah) Good News Continues to Flow for the New Nicaragua | Welcome to New Condos Online

Good News Continues to Flow for the New Nicaragua | Welcome to New Condos Online.

Not gonna lie, this is a real rah-rah piece 🙂 by a real estate source (i.e. not the most objective to say the least) but it does have some good information on growth of exports, number of tourists, big name corporations setting up shop, etc.

Tres Ceibas – Guacalito de la Isla

Tres Ceibas – Guacalito de la Isla.

By far the most luxurious property along the Nicaraguan coast is shaping up to be Guacalito de la Isla. This project is backed by the Pellas family, whose Nicaraguan businesses and influence is beyond measure here in this country.  The family is set on this project being their ultimate statement for what they want to see as far as development goes.

Here’s their latest missive:

Dear Reader,

Welcome to our second print edition of Tres Ceibas, your source of information on Guacalito de la Isla.

This year will witness some transcendental events at our project, with lots of exciting things going on. We will inaugurate our hotel, culminate work on our golf course, and commence operations as a fully functioning resort.  One of our most important advances, however, may not be the most obvious.

Family lies at the heart of who we are and what we strive for at Guacalito de la Isla. Our vision involves fostering a tight-knit community for families of all ages to establish a lasting legacy of unforgettable memories amidst the magnificent natural beauty and superb amenities on offer at our project. To accommodate a broader profile of families, we are on the verge of launching the “Las Terrazas” condominium project, specifically geared towards those who aspire to the Guacalito de la Isla lifestyle under a contemporary, fresh and easy-to-maintain concept, but without sacrificing any of the exclusivity and excellence that are the hallmarks of Pellas Development Group.

Guacalito de la Isla is a paradise where kids can explore nature and families can enjoy together in a wholesome atmosphere of security and tranquility. I know this because, as a young executive and proud father, nothing can beat the moments I spend there with my children, watching them grow alongside the project. I am sure that many of you will find your own legacy in Guacalito de la Isla, and we will be delighted to speak to you further about this new opportunity to belong to the best resort community in Central America.

As always, I am at your full disposal and looking forward to hearing from you or +505 2274-4250.

Sincerely Yours,

Carlos Hernández García
President and CEO, Pellas Development Group

Kahka Creek Reserve – hidden jungle paradise |

Kahka Creek Reserve – hidden jungle paradise |

Casey at the does it again…this is an excellent example of the sort of real adventure and ecotourism alternatives that are in abundance in Nicaragua if the visitor knows where to look.

This article details a sustainable development initiative on the Caribbean sponsored by FADCANIC, the Foundation for Autonomy and Development of the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua.

For details on how to get there, whom to contact, and what to bring, check the article!

Volcano Masaya National Park Reopened | El Nuevo Diario

For those unaware, in early May the volcano closest to Managua was closed due to seismic activity and unusual amounts of smoke.

Here’s the translation from El Nuevo Diario:

Masaya Volcano Park reopens

Visitors should be aware that it is an active volcano, which may at any time – by its nature – present explosive events or gas fumes

After nearly two months after the Santiago of Masaya volcano, in the southeast of the country, expelled rock and gases, the Masaya Volcano National Park
reopened its doors to visitors.
Liliana Diaz, Director of the Masaya Volcano National Park, said the
opening was taken into consideration all the recommendations, and the
technical report issued by the Ineter to ensure the safety of people.
She added that ongoing monitoring will be continued in the environment, the local communities, the Mayor’s Office, Civil Defense and SINAPRED.
“We are offering services, but taking the steps that, practically restrict focus on some visits to the crater area, so that people feel safe to be in the area,” said Liliana Diaz.
Visitors should be aware that it is an active volcano, which may at any
time – by its nature – present events or explosions of gas fumes, but they is always outstanding sightseeing.

Suggestions and measures

According to Virginia Tenorio, Ineter seismologist, in the analysis
presented a document where they provide a history of volcanic activity,
provide suggestions and measures to be taken by visitors, both domestic
and foreign, when entering the place.
Lieutenant Colonel Abel Zapata, head of Civil Defense Region IV, was unaware
that the park is open, because there was a meeting with national
authorities, and it is Ineter which takes the core role on analyzing the behavior of the volcano.
“If it was open, is because it has reduced its activity, has been tested
and does not represent a danger to the population,” said Zapata.

Good to know that the teniente coronel is on top of the situation 🙂

Beach Front Hostel for Sale in Jiquilillo

Beach Front Hostel for Sale.

Well, looks like Nate is ready to move on from Rancho Esperanza in Jiquilillo.  Asking $350,000 for several acres on the ocean, infrastructure, buildings, reputation, etc.

Best of luck to Nate and we hope he finds a very stoked buyer who can build on all the hard work that has been done in the eight years that this place has been in business.

What our local shopping mall looks like: Galerias Santo Domingo

Just a quick peak at what the upscale mall looks like here…this is about ten minutes away from our farm. There are a nice variety of stores, an excellent movie theater multiplex, good restaurants including a very tasty sushi place, and a disco if you want to put your boogie shoes on 🙂

We enjoy going for sushi rolls (2×1 @ lunchtime) and seeing a first-run movie at the cinema on Tuesdays (also half-price) so we can have a nice date for about $20 in total. There is also tasty treat places like gelato, crepes, and frozen yogurt too.

updated: our airbnb postings with new photos!

Added some photos of the swimming pool

I realized somewhat belatedly that our fabulous swimming pool at Farmstay El Porton Verde was not included in the listings we have on

A real “duuuuuude” what are you thinking moment! I also realized that airbnb has a service where a professional photographer comes out and takes excellent photos of your place for FREE and then they are airbnb certified (i.e. we’re not just making this all up folks!) so long story long…this guy William is coming in a couple of weeks to take the sweet photos that will help us in marketing the properties to prospective vacationers, relocators, adventurers, surfers, etc. who might like to have a luxury stay at a very lovely farm close to all the important places in Managua but not in the city center with all that goes on down there!

If you’re still with me (hey, THANK YOU by the way!) here are the links to the three separate offerings we have listed on  You can book directly on the site!

One Bedroom Apartment that sleeps two

Bunk Bed Rooms that sleep up to four

Wheelchair-accessible en-suite room that sleeps two