Finca Bellavista – Business Insider

Colorado Couple Builds A Treehouse Village In Costa Rica

Finca Bellavista – Business Insider.

Erica and Matt Hogan never intended to walk away with 600 acres of wild rainforest when they went shopping for a little piece of Costa Rica to call their own in 2006. 

They happened upon a slice of land that was marketed as a potential harvesting site (i.e.: prime for deforestation) and decided to save it from the chopping block.

“[The land] felt really sacred from the get-go and we felt like this would be a travesty to let this be deforested,” Erica told Business Insider.  “It was bigger than what we were intending to purchase

initially. And one night I just thought, well there are some really cool trees on that property. What if we built treehouses?”

The idea became Finca Bellavista, an epic undertaking that’s become a thriving treehouse village, where the locals bounce door-to-door on ziplines and dinner is grown in everyone’s backyard.

“It’s a labor of love and it’s more than just our business,” she says. “It’s our life.”

The entire land is pretty remote. The closest town is 1.5 miles away, which "contains a school, a church, a pulperia, a bus stop, a handful of houses, and (of course) a soccer field. That’s it. No souvenir shops, no mini-malls, and no rowdy bars," according to the Hogans.

Talk about amazing places to see! I just had to share this story about a couple who started building treehouses and now they have a little community of treehouses and treehouse dwellers. The residents and visitors go from house to house on ziplines, and they live a sort of communal life that many apparently are interested in sharing. Very cool stuff going on this little blue marble!

WooHoo! Another great TripAdvisor Review for our Managua B&B, Farmstay El Portón Verde

Farmstay El Portón Verde on

Hope you get by to visit again on your way back through Managua!

Thanks to AgroJunkie for a nice review on TripAdvisor!  He and his lovely Honduran girlfiend were a laugh riot, one of the funnest couples we have yet had the pleasure to have hosted. They showed up completely without warning and luckily we were able to accommodate them.  Right on dude, way to live the life!

They actually came to us because they read that we employ permaculture farming techniques on the finca.  So glad they came!

UPDATE: So this particular couple came to El Portón Verde on Friday night. The next day they went to Granada and stayed in some hospedaje over there.  Sunday afternoon, we get another knock on the old portón verde and who is there but AgroJunkie and his amiga! “Hey do you have a room for us?” Sure come on in we say.  “We really like it here and don’t want to stay anywhere else!” So our drop in visitors have returned and are spending two more nights with us.  Talk about your repeat visitors!


Ocean, Surf and Sunset View Land Vista San Martin, Guasacate, Nicaragua

Ocean, Surf and Sunset View Land Vista San Martin, Guasacate, Nicaragua.Overview

This place is in the development next door to my land in Guasacate Hills.  1/2 acre for $32,000. I have 1.78 acres with a much better view that would be cheap in comparison to this…if I were to sell my property in Tola, Rivas, Nicaragua; this place is on a hill with a beach-view, white-water surf view of Popoyo and Rancho Santana south to the Costa Rica border. In short, an amazing place.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-29

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Steve Aoki coming to Nicaragua August 14th

Steve Aoki is a top-flight dj and has a gig coming up here in Managua in a couple of weeks. I just tweeted him to see if he wants to stay with us. She read that his favorite color is green, and since we are the Green Gate Farm and everything is green around us, Miranda and I think it would be pretty chill if he wanted to hang out at the chillest place in Managua…

Maybe Steve Aoki would like chill out here poolside?

Vacation Idea: A Farmstay “Haycation” – Family-Parenting – MSN Living

Vacation Idea: A Farmstay “Haycation” – Family-Parenting – MSN Living.Coral Von Zumwalt

Miranda saw this on MSN and thought it was cool that the story says Farmstay (as in Farmstay El Porton Verde) but we hadn’t heard about a “Haycation” until seeing this article. Click through to see the pictures. It looks really cool and an excellent way to spend a family vacation. Food for thought on our developing some of these programs as well!

Mukul: “Small Luxury Hotels of the World” « Tres Ceibas – Guacalito de la Isla

“Small Luxury Hotels of the World”SPA-T-MUKUL

via Mukul: “Small Luxury Hotels of the World” « Tres Ceibas – Guacalito de la Isla.

It is with great pleasure and pride that I want to share with all of you an important milestone on our mission to open Mukul and Nicaragua to the world of luxury travel. We have received confirmation that our property has passed the criteria, inspection and approval of “Small Luxury Hotels of the World” and will now be part of this prestigious collection of more than 540 boutique hotels spread over 70 Countries around the world. As a matter of fact, thanks to Mukul, it is now 71 Countries, because ours will be the first property ever in Nicaragua to carry the SLH seal of quality.

Congratulations to Guacalito de la Isla for their eco-boutique offering called *Mukul* gaining entry into the oh-so exclusive club of the “Small Luxury Hotels of the ‘World.” Guacalito is the ultimate in destination resorts in Nicaragua in terms of luxury and this designation certainly cements that reputation.  Five star baby! The Spa at Mukul appears to be an oasis of healing and rejuvenation; how pleasant it must be to enjoy such lovely treatments and programs.

Beloved Warrior: The Rise and Fall of Alexis Arguello–Review by Thomas Hauser

Beloved Warrior: The Rise and Fall of Alexis Arguello–Review by Thomas Hauser…


Then, in 2008, Ortega engineered a campaign by Arguello for the mayoralty of Managua. “I gave you three titles,” Alexis told the voters. “I represented you honestly. Now I need you.”

He was narrowly elected amidst widespread allegations of voting fraud. Thereafter, Giudice writes, “All Nicaraguans knew that Arguello was involved in an illegitimate election. A clearly frustrated Arguello had to live with the reality that, having cemented his role with the Sandinista Party, he had to blend in with its ugly charade. Thirty years earlier, Arguello, a champion, had the power to question authority. He no longer had leverage. As a former addict rescued by the Sandinista Party, Arguello was powerless, a puppet for Daniel Ortega and First Lady Rosario Murillo to control at their behest.”

<—end snip

For those interested in Nicaraguan boxing this is an excellent review of a book on Alexis Arguello. Helluva boxer who had an interesting post-boxing career as Mayor of Managua until his untimely death by suicide (ruled that way anyway) in 2009.

Forget the chain hotels, come to us for “soft landing” w/airport pickup

Forget the chain hotels, come to us for”soft landing” w/airport pickup.image 0

Our latest advertisement is up on craigslist.  I’m certain the big chain hotels are quaking in their oversized, impersonalized boots hahaha 🙂

But seriously, where else within the city limits of Managua are you going to be staying on a farm that employs permaculture techniques, has amazing views of volcanoes and forested mountains, super-nice guest rooms, and plopped in-between the rooms and the view is an awesome swimming pool?

We have had excellent feedback from our guests. “Best night of sleep ever!” and “When in Managua I will never stay anywhere else!” have been a couple of the comments we’ve heard so far.