Hotels Coupons and Deals in Managua – Nicaragua from Trip Advisor – Find Hotels That Travelers Trust.

Hotels Coupons and Deals in Managua – Nicaragua from Trip Advisor – Find Hotels That Travelers Trust..

Here at El Porton Verde we are not ones to shy away from a little bit of competition, but it looks like the big boyz feel the need to discount their offerings now that we are on the scene! (yeah, right hahaha) I saw this post on Twitter when I searched for “Managua vacation.” If you follow the link at the top of the page, you can see a series of hotels listed with some discounts. I would like to show you these discounts and let you decide for yourself where you want to spend your hard-earned vacation dollars with the proposition that El Porton Verde offers great value and a unique offering that cannot be found elsewhere in the capital city of Managua.

But seriously let’s look at these deals:

Hotel Boutique Villa Maya: this property is very highly rated on TripAdvisor, and seems like it is a small inn with nice grounds and swimming pool in the ritzy Las Colinas neighborhood of Managua (sort of the Bel Air of Managua if you think along Los Angeles lines as I do haha). Las Colinas is about five minutes from our place, but not downtown or within walking distance of any restaurants or shopping areas. Their deal is $59 instead of $70. Our regular price for the one bedroom apartment is $60 (ours is bigger, has a full kitchen, more private area, a killer view, and is in front of the swimming pool). El Porton Verde will match any deal by Hotel Boutique Villa Maya, just tell us on check in and we’ll save you one dollar. 🙂

Hotel El Guegense: This is a better deal, a 25% discount so might be a nice savings for someone to pay only $37 dollars for a nights stay for two. This property is located downtown and in my opinion, not in a very good neighborhood. Also no view, no pool. We will beat this deal by offering a room for two in our bunk bed rooms for a low low price of $30. Pool front with comfortable beds and great views.

Intercontinental Real Metrocentro: Okay now we are talking major downtown hotel here.  This is in the very center of the new Managua and is a luxury choice. They offer a 20% discount. Not bad. So I clicked the link and the ichotelsgroup website could not find the property. I went through the search a different way and the rack rate I found was $155 a night.  So if you can get 20% off of that you would still be paying over $120 a night. We do not offer every bell and whistle that the Intercontinental does, but we guarantee a definite Nicaraguan experience and a completely different atmosphere than you will downtown. Bottom line is that you will pay less than half of the Intercontinental’s discounted price to stay with us.

Hotel Casa Naranja: Another small hotel with excellent ratings and amenities.  Located near the downtown of Managua, this is an excellent property that is offering a 15% discount.  A standard double room is $100 so per vacation TripAdvisor, this would be an $85 dollar room double occupancy. Again, we do the whole apartment for $25 less!

Holiday Inn Managua: I have personally stayed at this hotel and it is quite nice for a large chain hotel. It is located a bit out of the way of the central city, but not too far.  You’ll need to taxi around to get to the entertainment, shopping, and dining zones. Our discount link says they offer vacation packages.  Oh boy, let’s take a look shall we? So the best deal is one where you book seven days in advance and you get breakfast included for $83.  Now one thing I would say is that the breakfast at the Holiday Inn is great.  They have a buffet type of setup with an omelet bar, waffles, nacatamales, fruit, all good stuff. So that is worth something.  But is the buffet worth $23?  Breakfast at El Porton Verde is very healthy, filling, made-to-order and most of the ingredients come from the farm itself.

Crowne Plaza Hotel: This is another top-flight property located in the heart of Managua. Very similar to any other Crowne Plaza hotel as far as the ambiance of the hotel but the views from the higher floors are pretty great, on one side the mountains (towards where El Porton Verde is!) and the other the huge Lake Managua. Best deal per the link from TripAdvisor is $115 a night and you get 1,000 Priority Club Reward points. Not sure what sort of a value that may be.  The next best deal is $123 and includes breakfast for two. So comparing apples to apples, with us you save $63 and you get a good breakfast too.

I hope you enjoyed our little tour of Managua hotels with discounts and our illustrations on why you should consider staying with Farmstay El Porton Verde instead of those places.

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