WooHoo! Another great TripAdvisor Review for our Managua B&B, Farmstay El Portón Verde

Farmstay El Portón Verde on TripAdvisor.com

Hope you get by to visit again on your way back through Managua!

Thanks to AgroJunkie for a nice review on TripAdvisor!  He and his lovely Honduran girlfiend were a laugh riot, one of the funnest couples we have yet had the pleasure to have hosted. They showed up completely without warning and luckily we were able to accommodate them.  Right on dude, way to live the life!

They actually came to us because they read that we employ permaculture farming techniques on the finca.  So glad they came!

UPDATE: So this particular couple came to El Portón Verde on Friday night. The next day they went to Granada and stayed in some hospedaje over there.  Sunday afternoon, we get another knock on the old portón verde and who is there but AgroJunkie and his amiga! “Hey do you have a room for us?” Sure come on in we say.  “We really like it here and don’t want to stay anywhere else!” So our drop in visitors have returned and are spending two more nights with us.  Talk about your repeat visitors!


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