Phenomena of “El Niño” Begins to Settle in Nicaragua | Sin Embargo

Fenómeno de “El Niño” comienza a instalarse en Nicaragua | Sin Embargo.

Phenomenon “El Niño” begins to settle in Nicaragua By: Editor, SIN EMBARGO Managua, Sep 3 (dpa) – The climate phenomenon known as “El Nino” has begun to settle in Nicaragua, where it is expected to cause a shortage of rain and affect crops in the coming months, according to specialized sources. Marcio Baca, director of the Institute of Meteorology (INETER), recalled that the emergence of the phenomenon had been announced several weeks ago, after he started the annual rainy season that lasts from May to November. “We’re under conditions of ‘El Niño’, although still weak, just starting the process of gestation,” Baca said the state radiomisora “Nicaragua”. The phenomenon of  El Niño occurs when an unusual warming of Pacific Ocean waters along the coasts of several Latin American countries. “This means that we expect a rainfall deficit of 10 to 15 percent over what it should normally rain this year,” said the expert. In recent weeks, “El  Niño” has wreaked havoc in countries like the United States and El Salvador, where there have been severe losses in agricultural production.

We’ll have to see how this settles out. If we do have El Niño conditions coming in that does make a difference in Nicaragua.  The northern areas and the areas around Chinandega and Leon can get considerably drier. Sounds like they expect it to be somewhat mild, so hopefully it won’t be too bad.

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