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After the scare caused by the earthquake, which was felt strongly in Nicaragua, people spend little time left before continuing her work in Masachapa, despite having suffered the tsunami of 1992. PRESS / G.FLORES

The Early Warning System (EWS) was activated successfully yesterday to the tsunami threat, but failed sirens West, was launched after the warning that the earthquake of Richter magnitude 7.6 north of Costa Rica.

This went unnoticed until Radioexperimentadores Club of Nicaragua (CREN) launched the warning.

In a series of recordings of CREN heard that at least five sirens failed in Corinth, Realejo, Poneloya, Las Penitas and Salinas Grande.


Most went off on the third attempt. But one of Realejo and three in Corinth did not react.

While this was happening on the Pacific coast, the scientists of the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies (Ineter) refused to give interviews, as the “companion”, first lady Rosario Murillo, give all information.

But the minutes passed and it was in her speech Murillo, exclusive to official media without sirens were activated.

via Failed sirens – MEDIA – THE Journal of Nicaraguans.

Reading between the lines here, it appears that the sirens warning of a possible tsunami after yesterday’s earthquake off of Costa Rica was more or less a failure, at least in the Occidente region.  The warning system was activated, but did not sound in many important beach communities, especially in the northwest in the beaches of Leon and Chinadega departments.

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