Orchard Establishment Workshop

Orchard Establishment Workshop.

Orchard Establishment Workshop at Rancho Mastatal
Dates:  November 5 through November 9, 2012

This is part of our Applied Permaculture Series with Chris Shanks and assisted by Simon Evers, Scott Gallant and Laura Killingbeck

Join the people of Rancho Mastatal and Christopher Shanks for a 4-day course on establishing plantings in the tropics. This course will be almost 100 percent hands on and will cover a number of skills and techniques including:

  • Ecological land clearing (turn former pasture and/or secondary growth into food forests).
  • Orchard planning: species, plant spacings, layout, establishment guilds for the tropics. Climax guilds.
  • Erosion control in orchard establishment. Tools and Techniques.
  • Contour design for orchard lay out from the establishment stage to climax stage(s)
  • Orchard and zone 3-4 guild designs.
  • Felling trees by axe and chainsaw. Traditional approaches and modern technologies.  Tool maintenance and selection.
  • Tree crops planning: choosing the right trees for your climate or microclimate. Sourcing of material will also be covered.
  • Incorporating myco-forestry.
  • Coppice and Pollard management of trees for biomass production/soil generation
Anyone interested in working with Chris Shanks to develop your own tropical food forests should check out this workshop starting on November 5th.

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