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Ecotourism Circuit “Book Quelantaro – Virgin Beaches”

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The Ecotourism Circuit “Book Quelantaro – Virgin Beaches” includes the most important attractions of the municipality of Villa El Carmen with a variety of services that visitors fall in love, not only because of its proximity to the capital, but because it is the passage of the most pristine beaches Pacific, coupled with diverse attractions such as archeology, eco-lodges, restaurants, recreation centers and nature reserves that have significant biodiversity nationally and internationally highlighting endangered species like the turtle tora.

Location : The Ecotourism Circuit “Book Quelantaro – Beaches Virgin” is located in the west of Managua in the municipality of Villa El Carmen, department of Managua, at Km 46 Carretera cobbled Pochomil, 4 km southeast.

Tourist Attractionscardones tortuga.jpg - 78.72 Kb

  • Bird watching and hiking in the dry forest
  • Turtle nursery
  • Beaches (The Cardones, San Martin and Salamis) and surf
  • Volunteering
  • Surf
  • Pool
  • Food and lodging
  • Camping area

qt.jpg national bird - 52.45 KbQuelantaro Wildlife Reserve

Quelantaro Wildlife Reserve just 45 minutes from Managua has an area of 100 blocks (70 acres), of which 80% is as unique conservation area of dry forest stronghold best preserved of the municipality of Villa El Carmen, has a high diversity of flora and fauna of national and international interest. The reserve allows protection of two rivers that cross it protects archaeological remains, and is one of the monitoring stations of resident and migratory birds in the country. Programs has sea turtle monitoring and social tourism programs in the communities of Villa El Carmen.

Eco Wildlife Reserve – Hostel “Quelantaro”finca qt.jpg - 79.19 Kb

We offer multiple rooms, simple and private cabanas, camping area, trails, agricultural and livestock farm. Our common areas are decorated with hammocks and rocking chairs from which our visitors can enjoy a quiet sleep with the music of nature and green landscapes. We ranch for social or business events where you can enjoy our meal prepared with organic produce and taste that only a wood stove can give. We give the opportunity to be an active visitor through the various social and environmental programs that have the reservation.

The Ecolodge Cardones

cardones terraza.jpg - 46.21 KbWe offer beachfront accommodation in natural style private cabanas, a restaurant specializing in organic food which highlights our delicious seafood, surf lessons and board rentals. Discover a mangrove forest with alligators, iguanas and a variety of resident and migratory birds. Enjoy miles of pristine beaches where sea turtles nest even endangered. Participate in our conservation efforts and help us to release a sea turtle nest or gather together our bookmobile and art class at a local school.

We offer the service of credit card payment

sparza.jpg - 64.37 Kb

Rancho Sparza

Offering service bar and restaurant. We have three pools, sitting area, 3 double bedrooms, a dance floor, lounge for meetings and trainings. On weekends we have disco or live music where you can sample our rums and beers.

marta.jpg - 92.14 KbComedor Martha

We offer local dishes, a la carte and current, sample from a vigoron up a steak. Our emphasis is on dishes made from corn. On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays you can enjoy the exquisite Nicaraguan fry. We also offer an auditorium for social and business meetings.


Package 1: Volunteer in Quelantaro & tours of the town

Enjoy a stay of 6 days more in reserve Quelantaro participating in different social or environmental programs in the communities we either painting schools, doing farm work or teaching English. For us it is important that you feel at home, that is why we have tours in the town to the beach at Playa Los Cardones Salamina Ecolodge and where can you find sea turtles and taste delicious seafood, classes surf and massage. If you also enjoy a refreshing swim in the pools of Rancho Sparza and after a night out with modern and traditional music can too. We also encourage you to meet in the Dining Martha Nicaraguan cuisine to participate in the preparation of tortillas, curds, and then to taste tamales stated.

Package 2: The Cardones Eco – Lodge & tours of the town

Let yourself be lulled by the sound of the waves and the birds singing in the private balcony of your bungalow with a thatched roof. We are nestled in dry tropical forest and mangroves where sea turtles nest and live alligators. Are welcome to participate in our conservation efforts to save a nest of sea turtles or help release newborn turtles to the sea. We invite you to join us at a local school where we teach arts and changed our bookmobile books. We offer a variety of rent surf boards, surf lessons, massages, tours of the mangroves to see birds, sea turtle nursery, refreshing swim in the beach huts and hammocks on our beachfront. We also offer make hikes and bird watching in the reserve Quelantaro, visit the turtle nursery participatory toras Salamis Beach, holiday weekends in Rancho Sparza and savor a delicious fry Nicaraguan products made from corn in the Dining Martha.

Pack 3: Playa Salamis, and The Book Quelantaro Cardones

Participate in the monitoring and protection of sea turtles in Playa Salamina helping in the relocation of nests to hatcheries, release baby turtles, beach cleaning and assembling nursery. Meet the cooperative “Star of the Sea” and the community effort that makes delicious flavored sea and workshops on sea turtles. Enjoy a beautiful night together watching the stars ocean in this unspoiled beach, away from the stress of the city.Enjoy the adventure trip to Salamina and camping on our shores.


So we include what interests them and offer them a price tailored to your taste, your time and your needs (transport etc.). Also, the cost depends on the size of group.


Quelantaro: Villa El Carmen, Managua – +505-2265-4811 – +505-8633-7958 – / – /

The Cardones Eco – Lodge: Villa El Carmen, Managua – +505-8364-5925 – –

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