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If you plan to visit Nicaragua on your next vacation, you share the second part of an excellent article in Explore Magazine of Taca Airlines, on Corn Islands. This is a unique destination in Nicaragua, for its pristine beaches with turquoise waters, with beautiful places to visit and spend a great vacation.


Many hotels on the islands are lodgings for backpackers with very rustic conditions. The best alternative in Little Corn is Casa Iguana, whose prices range from $ 55 to $ 95 for a simple cabin on a bluff on the south side of the island. No doubt that is the nicest hotel in any of the Corn Islands, with great views, great places for snorkeling and beautiful beaches ( ). In Big Corn are two good options: Canada House, located in the charming community of South End, which has nice rooms for $ 120, pool and beautiful landscapes, but settled on a rocky coast almost without sand ( ). Arenas Beach has attractive bungalows and a two-story hotel, excellent food and is located in Picnic Center, the best swimming beach on both islands. Prices: $ 85-115 ( ).

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Nicaraguan La Costeña The airline has two daily flights from Managua to Big Corn Island, stopping to load passengers in Bluefields, lasting 1 hour and 15 minutes and cost $ 170 round trip ( ). Already in Big Corn taxis are very common and they charge 75 cents ($ 1 after 8 pm), per person, per trip to anywhere on the island. The boats going between Big Corn and Little Corn depart twice daily, are $ 7 per person (one way), embark on a first come and the journey is drier and less abrupt if you sit in the back. On the way to Little Corn is carried foot or rented boat. Both islands have hire pangas to go diving or visiting the other island, the normal rates are $ 150-200 per day, panga.

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