Confidential – Construct Hyatt Hotel in Managua

Confidential – Construct Hyatt Hotel in Managua.

The consortium plans to build Latam Hotel Corporation fifteen Hyatt hotels in Mesoamerica, one of which will be located in Managua, opposite the ‘living area’ Galleries shopping center, told Confidential Javier Navarro, Executive Director.

The property to be built in Nicaragua, at a cost of nearly $ 15 million, will feature 140 rooms, a coffee & wine bar, rooms medium sized businesses (50 to 70 square meters, all of those great meeting rooms), and will be designed to integrate with the aforementioned ‘living area’, which will be expanded to correspond to this new reality.

The rooms, according to Navarro, will be “well designed, with plenty of work included, designed for business professionals to meet their obligations, but also, they can take their families on vacation to the hotel, if necessary.”

The pool and gym will have local, but not restaurant. No reception.

“When the guest arrives at the hotel, you will find an executive who will receive iPad in hand to make the reservation and assign your room. This hotel does not have marble and gold, but it is very functional, “explained Navarro.

Construction work should begin in the first quarter of 2013 and begin operating about six months later. For now, they are adapting existing plans to the reality of Managua and terrain in particular, while managing the environmental permit (MARENA), then move on to apply for building permits as mayor of Managua.

The new Hyatt employ about 70 people, and will need to show an occupancy rate of 70% to maintain financial balance.

Navarro said the hotel will have a pre-opening process, which is used to qualify the staff, which will most likely choose from among the graduates of schools of tourism in the country.

15 hotels

Behind the initiative to build hotels throughout the region, there are capitals of three countries: Guatemala’s Fernando Paiz, former owner of the supermarket chain of the same name in that country; ColConcreto and GHL, both of Colombia, and a Mexican businessman whose name was withheld by the CEO of Latam.

With local 485 in 45 countries worldwide, Hyatt is considered the tenth hotel company, but that number will grow over the decade, with plans to build 15 Latam, of which there will be one in Guatemala, one in El Salvador and one in Nicaragua, and two in Honduras, to add 680 rooms at a cost of nearly $ 100 million.

There are also plans to build 10 additional locations in the south of Mexico, which could add another in Belize, in addition to the two other entrepreneurs build in Costa Rica and Panama.

During the first phase of local existence, Hyatt Managua will be operated by the company, which will provide not only their experience in managing hotels, but also global reservations system, which allows selling rooms from many parts of the world without to do to achieve specific advertising campaigns.

At a later stage, the associate GHL, which is actually a hotel management company, will take over the operation of the facility, which will operate as a franchise, which means constant supervision and control of the Hyatt chain, for ensure compliance with the quality standards for which it is recognized globally.

We’ve heard of this before, but looks like they have the financing and dates lined up. Interesting also that this shows how the center of Managua is moving up Carretera a Masaya as this new hotel for business people will be built at the Galerias Santo Domingo mall which is located at km 8 of the highway to Masaya.

Also interesting is where they say that check-in at the hotel will be handled via an employee using an iPad! Also, no on-site restaurant will be built. I guess that is okay as Galerias has restaurants but it seems that they should at least have something on offer for breakfast, no?

Hey reader, watcha think?