Off Nicaragua, a Quieter Caribbean –

Off Nicaragua, a Quieter Caribbean –

Freda Moon for The New York Times

The Corn Islands lie off the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. Here, a casita at Derek’s Place.

THE darkness was as deep and pure as squid ink. I swiped my foot across the ground, feeling for rocks, roots and voids. Around me there was rustling, scurrying and crashing — the sounds of creatures meeting branches and leaves. Startled by some unseen threat, I stopped abruptly, colliding with my travel companion, Ashley, who followed close behind. Each time we slammed into each other, hapless as slapstick Stooges, we were reduced to fits of hysterical laughter — laughter masking fear and frustration.

Maybe not a big deal really, but to us it is!  The author of this NY Times Travel article, Freda Moon, stayed with us in Managua before she went on her loooong journey via taxi, panga, ferry, and who knows what other forms of transportation to get to Corn Island in time to participate in the annual Crab Festival.

We have had guests go to the Corn Islands and they write us when they get there saying, “I’m having such a wonderful time here, I’m staying an extra week!” So we know that this is a great place to go when visiting Nicaragua. The Caribbean waters are so gorgeous and it is a great place to dive, and to get your dive certifications.

So congratulations Freda for another outstanding, enlightening travel article. You couldn’t mention that cute little B&B that hosted you before embarking on your great adventure? Well maybe next time! 🙂

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