Bed and Breakfasts in Managua, Nicaragua

Bed and Breakfasts in Managua, Nicaragua

Yes, I know we here at Bed and Breakfast Farmstay El Portón Verde operate a bed and breakfast, but I am not aware of any particular rule that says one cannot write an article on one’s blog to give a layout of the known b&bs here in town and let prospective visitors to Managua, Nicaragua decide where they might want to stay. So there!

And now a message from your sponsor hehe…Okay, that’s enough of talking about other properties (teasing, just read below!).
The bottom line here is that you have some good bed and breakfast options in the city of Managua. We hope you decide to stay with us at Farmstay El Porton Verde.

No one is as quiet as we are, no one has the view we have. No one has such a large and lovely swimming pool.

We think we give you the best in customized, North American quality customer service, with local Nicaraguan know-how.

So now that we have gotten that bit of business out of the way, let’s see what we can find out about the other bed and breakfasts.

There are not that many, at least not in the actual capital city of Managua. I’ll expand that search to the Masaya area as well just to get a couple more in there.

Now obviously this is not necessarily a comprehensive list, as there may well be some options for the traveler that are not found on the Internet, and there may be some new ones that haven’t become very well known yet. Sort of like Farmstay El Portón Verde!

If you read this and want to add a bed and breakfast to the list, please make your comments below.

Okay, so I am searching on google,,,,,, and shows ten properties. We are not listed on this website. Interesting is that I have only heard of perhaps three of the ten places.

here are the listings:

Hotel San Luis
Colonia Centroamerica B-163, Managua (Show on map) | B&B
Excellent (15 reviews)

Hotel El Raizon
Km 20 1/4 carretera a Masaya, Managua (Show on map) | B&B
Excellent (12 reviews)
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Angel Azul Hotel Boutique
Villa Fontana 17, Managua (Show on map) | B&B
Outstanding (11 reviews)
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Hostal La Abuela
Casa No. 32, Managua (Show on map) | B&B
Very Good (5 reviews)

Hostal Real Los Robles
Del Restaurante La Marseillaise 1 c al lago, 1 c arriba 25 lago Casa 46, Managua (Show on map) | B&B
from $70
Excellent (4 reviews)
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Hostal Real Bolonia
Avenida Bolonia No 1001, Managua (Show on map) | B&B
from $65
Very Good (2 reviews)
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Viva Nicaragua Guest House
Caraterra Masaya (Km 14), Managua (Show on map) | B&B
Outstanding (8 reviews)

Los Mapachines Terraza Hotel
Hosp. Militar 1c. al Lago 1/2c. abajo, Managua (Show on map) | B&B
Outstanding (6 reviews)

Marlene’s Bed and Breakfast
Una Calle al Oeste, Managua (Show on map) | B&B
Outstanding (2 reviews)

Hotel Colonial
Media cuadra al Sur del reloj, junto al Parque Central, Managua (Show on map) | B&B

The three that have the best ratings here are Angel Azul. Los Mapachines Terraza, and Marlene’s. Let’s take a looks at these three first.

Angel Azul is in Villa Fontana, which is a nice area of Managua. It is in a Nicaraguan home that has nice gardens and a pool. It is also near Carretera a Masaya and the upscale mall, Galerias Santo Domingo. The photos look nice. The property is modern looking. I’d say the pool looks a bit small, as is typical of Nicaraguan swimming pools. A room for two on a sample date of 14 January shows a price of $87 for two persons.

Los Machapines Terraza is another highly rated property and worth a look. This is another Nicaraguan home with a lovely host. Only three rooms and a small pool. The location is near the Plaza Inter shopping mall, which is very much city center location-wise. Not a good area to go about walking, especially at night. Their suite, with double occupancy, goes for $82 per night. Looks to me like there are price discounts available.

Marlene’s has been around for a few years now, at least. Also is very highly rated. The hosts, especially Marlene, are well-recommended by guests. The property is off of Carretera Sur, in the hills on the southwest side of Managua. At least on, they have a three night minimum, a night for two is $50.00. The review on airbnb is not real good. They say it is too far away, to negotiate price before any rides are given, and that they had water problems. Uh oh.

Go ahead and check out the rest of the listings. Let me continue here by looking at some other b&bs.

Managua Hills Bed and Breakfast always comes up first when searching for bed and breakfast Managua, so you’ll see them a lot. They are located in Las Colinas, which is off of the road to Masaya on your way out of town. For comparison’s sake, we are even further out from the center of town. The photos look like the place is more of a hotel-looking sort of property instead of a house. Their prices are very fair, looks like about $50 for two. Has a swimming pool.

Another top of the list search result is Managua Backpackers Inn. This is more of a hostel type property located in Los Robles neighborhood, in a city center location. The only private accomodations they have is for a single person, so couples need to be in a shared hostel room which go for about $14 per person per night. No swimming pool.

Let’s now look at Hotel Brandt’s, located aslo in the Los Robles neighborhood. This is a handsome modern property located in the city center. A standard double room is $60.00 and their suite goes for $80.00. I do not see that they have a swimming pool.

Okay, Farmstay El Porton signing off now 🙂

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