Tamar Lowell: Adventure Travel Trends To Watch In 2013

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5. Beachcomber’s Hidden Treasure — Nicaragua


Featuring unspoiled golden sand beaches and lush terrain, Nicaragua is one of the most pristine surf travel destinations in Latin America with some of the world’s most consistent, uncrowded waves. With Nicaragua now considered one of Latin America’s safest nations, it is no surprise that travel to Nicaragua has grownapproximately 8% annually for the past five years according to INTUR, the Nicaraguan Tourist Board. The total number of tourists traveling to Nicaragua is still only about half of Costa Rican tourism, making it a hidden treasure for the adventure traveler.

My family visited Nicaragua for the second time just a few months ago and were blown away by the gorgeous beaches, the incredible surf that is as good for beginners as it is for experts, and the kindness of the people. It is still a developing destination that is learning to accommodate North American service expectations, and most people do not speak English -0 but hey, that’s part of the adventure!

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