A Delicate Balance – Interactive Feature | NY Times

A Delicate Balance – Interactive Feature – T Magazine.

This is the photo slide show of one of the more recent articles the NY Times has published on Nicaragua. We are really hitting the big time when skinny gringa models come here to be made part of the landscape…doesn’t really work for me but then again nobody asked. 🙂

I do enjoy this photo of the poor girl being set on the edge of Volcano Masaya (ten minutes drive from Farmstay El Portón Verde) and the photographer urging her on to get into a more precarious position. We’ll just ignore the obvious “virgins sacrificed in the volcano” comment!

-“Make it look more adventurous,” calls out Ryan McGinley, the photographer snapping her from an equally precarious spot on a nearby outcropping of rock.
“It’s pretty damn adventurous,” Kloss yells back, and I have to agree. We’re in Nicaragua, at Masaya Volcano National Park, staring at Santiago, a crater nestled between the twin volcanic peaks of Masaya and Nindirí. Calling Santiago dramatic is like calling the Sahara dry.


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