Nicaragua – People and places: Shiatsu massage

Nicaragua – People and places: Shiatsu massage.

Do you consider getting a massage a luxury?  I used to.  However, the wide availability of qualified massage therapists in Nicaragua has changed my mind.  I have had great full-body massages from professional therapists in San Juan del Sur, Granada, Masaya and Managua.  In fact, in Managua there is Oriental Medicine Institute where many have studied these different techniques.

When I saw this I had to blog on it, as I had meant to write up something about the Oriental Medicine Institute. This place is great, with wonderful Oriental Medicine doctors (both Japanese and Nicaraguan) and some great ladies that give very good Shiatsu massages. You know you have had a good massage after feeling that “good sore” feeling the day after!

Contact Information: Universidad de Medicina Oriental Japón Nicaragua

Tel: (505).2253-0340.. 2253-0344, Dirección: Semáforos de Rubenia 7c. abajo


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