Nicaragua Adventure Travel – Overseas Adventure Travel

Nicaragua Adventure Travel – Overseas Adventure Travel.

Discover exotic wildlife deep in the lush green jungles of Nicaragua - Nicaragua Adventure Travel






Nicaragua has come a long way in the eyes of those looking for new and exciting overseas adventure travel experiences. It used to be that the dictatorship natural disasters and civil unrest kept tourists away. 

Now that the government is more stable, and the people have recovered, tourists are rediscovering the quiet unspoiled beaches and enjoying the emergence of eco tours. 

One thing is for sure, Nicaragua adventure travel has a lot to offer nature lovers with the biodiversity of the rain forests, the rumbling volcanoes and the clear blue waters off two picturesque coastlines.

This is a good article describing the types of Adventure Travel that is available here in Nicaragua. Also has some good links that will help you plan your adventures. Just remember to stay with us your first and last nights to ensure that you have the maximum in “good times”!

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