Luxurious $250M Mukul Resort & Spas in Guacalito de la Isla will put Nicaragua on the world tourism map

Luxurious $250M Mukul Resort & Spas in Guacalito de la Isla will put Nicaragua on the world tourism map. 

Karanvir Singh / 6 hrs ago

Committed to creating one of the world’s most exclusive boutique resorts, the Latin America’s one of the most influential and richest person Don Carlos Pellas whose family has roots in Nicaragua that dates back to 19th Century, has now created a $250 million luxury boutique hotel and spa in Guacalito de la Isla, which will open in February 2013. Notably, with both Mukul Resort & Spa and Guacalito de la Isla, Pellas is actually establishing his family legacy – a pristine natural sanctuary where guests from across the globe will enjoy luxury living while connecting in an authentic way to the culture, people, and land of Nicaragua. And in return, the surrounding community will benefit from the resulting improved quality of life. However, with the opening of this 1,670-acre private beach community on Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast, which will ultimately act as a catalyst that will put the country on the world tourism map and the jet-setters vacation-list, Carlos Pellas impressively joins the exclusive league of billionaires who invested multi-millions in hotels and resorts.

Mukul Resort & Spas in Guacalito de la Isla

Mukul Resort & Spas in Guacalito de la Isla

Mukul Resort & Spas in Guacalito de la Isla
Here come the “A-listers”! Interested to see how this progresses and if the folks staying at Mukul will travel to other parts of Nicaragua or just stay in the confines of the resort the whole time of their stay. I sincerely hope that if you are visiting Mukul that you plan on doing something that will help you to actually experience Nicaraguan culture and traditions. Get out to meet the people! (Oh, and feel free to book with us on your first and/or last nights in-country!)

The 46 Places to Go in 2013 –

The 46 Places to Go in 2013 –

3. Nicaragua

It’s eco! And the food is good! Enough said.

If the name Oliver North means anything to you, there’s a good chance that Nicaragua doesn’t jump to your mind when you think of a relaxing, high-end, spa-filled vacation. For the past 30 years, the country has been fighting its image as a land of guerrilla warfare and covert arms deals. At first, only travel writers took note; over the past several years, various publications have declared the country the next great destination. However, if the booming eco-lodge business is any indication, Nicaragua’s moment might finally have arrived. In and around the coastal towns of San Juan del Sur and Maderas, new lodges like theAqua Wellness Resort, the high-end (and soon-to-open)Mukul ResortandJicaro Island Eco-Lodgeare cropping up near old-time eco-lodges, likeMorgan’s Rock Hacienda and Eco-Lodge. The food scene is getting a high-end makeover as well, with top chefs opening restaurants. The most exciting ones — El Segundo, La Casserole, Ciudad Lounge and La Finca y El Mar — are proof that Nicaragua is becoming an impressive food destination in its own right.DANIELLE PERGAMENT

Seriously New York Times, you are missing out on the best place to stay in the Managua area, Farmstay El Portón Verde! 🙂

Chasing Golden Tarpon in Nicaragua | Outdoor Life

Chasing Golden Tarpon in Nicaragua | Outdoor Life.

The river’s muddy ebb and flow remains unchanged from centuries past—days when tall, wooden sailing ships made wake on the protracted passage through this Central America rain forest.

I had ventured to Nicaragua in search of gold, but not in the traditional sense. My journey brought me here in pursuit of the golden tarpon.

The River
El Desaguadero (“the drain”), otherwise known as the San Juan River, meanders, rolls, and rages east, some 190 kilometers from Lake Nicaragua to the Caribbean Sea, transecting the Nicaraguan and Costa Rican border. For those motoring the river for the first time, perhaps most striking is the region’s mind-boggling biodiversity and stark enormity.

Interesting article for those fisherman seeking the big tarpon, a freshwater fish that can grow huge in Nicaraguan waters!


Nicaragua Targets 94% of Energy from Renewables by 2017 – The Green Optimistic

Nicaragua Targets 94% of Energy from Renewables by 2017 – The Green Optimistic.

nicaragua green energy Nicaragua Targets 94% of Energy from Renewables by 2017


ompared to its neighboring countries, Nicaragua has rather limited energy reserves, resulting in most of the commercial electricity having to be generated through imported petroleum and the rest generated from geothermal and hydropower.

However, with the current target of having 94% of their energy needs being obtained from renewable sources by 2017 through the National Development Plan, there appears to be more optimistic times ahead.

The aim of the project is to see to Nicaragua’s continued development in terms of infrastructure. Presently, the project aims to ensure that 50% of the country’s energy requirements is provided through renewable sources by the end of 2013 while the long term goal, if successful, would result in electricity being sold at about 37% less than the average current prices.

This story highlights Nicaragua’s commitment to renewable energy, using geothermal and wind as the primary means to power its growing economy in a renewable fashion. Bravo!

Pool Bunk Bds Eco-friendly B&B (e) in Ticuantepe

Pool Bunk Bds Eco-friendly B&B (e) in Ticuantepe.

About this space 
This listing is for a room on the East side of the pool front area and is outfitted with bunk beds with twin mattresses. The bathroom is shared with the West side bunk bed room. 
Note: The East side room is further away from the shared bathroom then the West side bunk bed room.

Just got another booking! Keep ’em coming!

The Selva Negra Resort | The Nicaragua Report

The Selva Negra Resort | The Nicaragua Report.


I had a hotel room that looks out on the lake at Selva Negra Resort.  It’s night.  Utter silence except for the calls of a few birds.  Perfect peace.  I feel for once, at one with the world around me.  A wind exhales every now and then.  It’s much cooler here in the mountains than in the rest of Nicaragua.  Nicaragua is a hot country, there can be no denying of that.  Just a half hour away, down in the valley lies Matagalpa and in Matagalpa, the heat of Nicaragua returns again.  Drive back to the mountains, it’s unbelievably cool which is an interesting phenomenon.  I haven’t brought the right clothes with me.  The staff at the Selva Negra lent me a sweater to ward off the chill.

If you find you have lost the meaning of life, you must come here.  You will be, as they say, at one with nature, yourself, and what is elemental to be alive.  Your stress will flee, negative dark thoughts part quickly. There is nothing here for them to hold onto.  You will find renewal, rebirth and rejuvenation.

Good article and mini-review of Selva Negra, which is a coffee hacienda up in Matagalpa that is lovely with a great history and very cool and refreshing atmosphere. I think it is a “do not miss” if one is going up that way.

Take a hike in the virgin rainforest and you will see monkeys, deer, and some really fantastic birds if you are lucky. It is also interesting to take the coffee plantation tour as you are shown the end-to-end process of coffee from picking to packaging.

Miranda and I are going in a little over a week with a guest who is looking at properties to buy in this area for a future relocation to Nicaragua. Looking forward to it!