The Selva Negra Resort | The Nicaragua Report

The Selva Negra Resort | The Nicaragua Report.


I had a hotel room that looks out on the lake at Selva Negra Resort.  It’s night.  Utter silence except for the calls of a few birds.  Perfect peace.  I feel for once, at one with the world around me.  A wind exhales every now and then.  It’s much cooler here in the mountains than in the rest of Nicaragua.  Nicaragua is a hot country, there can be no denying of that.  Just a half hour away, down in the valley lies Matagalpa and in Matagalpa, the heat of Nicaragua returns again.  Drive back to the mountains, it’s unbelievably cool which is an interesting phenomenon.  I haven’t brought the right clothes with me.  The staff at the Selva Negra lent me a sweater to ward off the chill.

If you find you have lost the meaning of life, you must come here.  You will be, as they say, at one with nature, yourself, and what is elemental to be alive.  Your stress will flee, negative dark thoughts part quickly. There is nothing here for them to hold onto.  You will find renewal, rebirth and rejuvenation.

Good article and mini-review of Selva Negra, which is a coffee hacienda up in Matagalpa that is lovely with a great history and very cool and refreshing atmosphere. I think it is a “do not miss” if one is going up that way.

Take a hike in the virgin rainforest and you will see monkeys, deer, and some really fantastic birds if you are lucky. It is also interesting to take the coffee plantation tour as you are shown the end-to-end process of coffee from picking to packaging.

Miranda and I are going in a little over a week with a guest who is looking at properties to buy in this area for a future relocation to Nicaragua. Looking forward to it!

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