Chasing Golden Tarpon in Nicaragua | Outdoor Life

Chasing Golden Tarpon in Nicaragua | Outdoor Life.

The river’s muddy ebb and flow remains unchanged from centuries past—days when tall, wooden sailing ships made wake on the protracted passage through this Central America rain forest.

I had ventured to Nicaragua in search of gold, but not in the traditional sense. My journey brought me here in pursuit of the golden tarpon.

The River
El Desaguadero (“the drain”), otherwise known as the San Juan River, meanders, rolls, and rages east, some 190 kilometers from Lake Nicaragua to the Caribbean Sea, transecting the Nicaraguan and Costa Rican border. For those motoring the river for the first time, perhaps most striking is the region’s mind-boggling biodiversity and stark enormity.

Interesting article for those fisherman seeking the big tarpon, a freshwater fish that can grow huge in Nicaraguan waters!


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