Nicaragua Trying To Boost Medical Tourism Industry | Texas Public Radio

Nicaragua Trying To Boost Medical Tourism Industry | Texas Public Radio.

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Credit Peter O’Dowd / Fronteras
The Hospital Metropolitano Vivian Pellas in Managua, Nicaragua, is building its medical tourism industry.

Fronteras: A group of powerful investors is trying to build the medical tourism industry in Nicaragua. We also stop in Costa Rica to check out what it takes to retire in the tropics. One community in Hidalgo, Mexico is combating the migration of its residents to the U.S. by offering tours of what it’s like to cross the border illegally. The tour guides have made the real trek, and offer up a close simulation on a fake border.

Check it out! At about 1:20 the story starts and some choice quotes from yours truly start at about 3:30 into the piece. Medical tourism is a growing, albeit nascent industry here in Nicaragua. Our location less then two miles away from the airport, the fresh air, swimming pool, and accessibility design combine to create a great place to recuperate from a surgery or a treatment of some sort. Can’t recommend the Hospital Metropolitano Vivian Pellas enough…contact me if you are looking to save up to 70% on operations, treatments, and other medical services.

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