Nicaragua Infographics: 10 Reasons to Live in Nicaragua

Nicaragua Infographics: 10 Reasons to Live in Nicaragua.

10 Reasons to Live in Nicaragua

My comment would be that this is a great use of the infographic medium, and that most of the points made are true. Not sure what kind of a house you’ll get in Granada for 40k though…

I wrote on the International Living website that folks might want to consider the Managua area too as it has lots of things that the outlying smaller towns and cities don’t have. Best hospital, shopping, access to government offices, etc. If you live up in the hills like I do at 1,000 feet elevation it makes the heat pretty bearable too. Granada, Managua, Leon, those places are just too hot for me.

Plans for Nicaragua to promote medical tourism

Plans for Nicaragua to promote medical tourism.

A new medical tourism hotel in Nicaragua will help it compete with Costa Rica, Mexico and Panama.

In San Juan del Sur, there are plans for a hotel with 61 rooms, foreign chefs, ocean-view rooms, a four-star rating, and a whole floor dedicated to medical treatment for its guests. The owner of the proposed medical resort, Nelson Estrada, claims that his development will be the first of its kind in Nicaragua, “No one else is offering this. If I can get the necessary investment, work will begin on Solest MedResort, Hotel and Spa by August and the project will open in 2015. Once completed, the medical resort will offer clients a boutique hotel and an extensive range of medical procedures all under one roof. The medical resort will specialize in elective cosmetic surgery, but I hope to expand available treatments in the future.”

Hospital Metropolitano Vivian Pellas in Managua is the only JCI hospital in the country. It is a private hospital treating both international and national patients, including some from the USA and Canada. Arlen Perez of Hospital Metropolitano Vivian Pellas says, “There are few hospitals equipped for medical tourism here. Nicaragua has the same elements as Costa Rica to make medical tourism a success: safety, quality of doctors, easy access and experience. But Nicaragua has the added benefit of being less expensive than Costa Rica.” – See more at:

Sort of a cut-n-paste article from other sources, but useful at least in the sense that the International Medical Travel Journal: News has the excellent idea to link to the Farmstay El Porton Verde website!

Expats in NicaraguaThe NicaTour Group Blog

Expats in NicaraguaThe NicaTour Group Blog.


Photo of yours truly…

Talk to any of the expats in Nicaragua you’ll meet and you won’t find one who regrets their decision to move to Nica.  Rather you’ll find them leading very relaxed lifestyles, happy with the choice they’ve made for their life.  The reasons for moving abroad are varied.  Ask some, they’ll say they’ve worked hard all their lives, they’ve been taxed to death and they became fed up.  Their savings took a beating during the recession.  They became tired of the politics.  Healthcare in America was eating into their savings and they thought if health insurance costs and medical care keeps rising, there will be nothing left of their savings for retirement. These are some of the more serious reasons for their decision to retire in Nicaragua.

Tanya at Nica Tour Group has an excellent but short article about her findings when talking to folks who have decided to make the leap of faith and move themselves to Nicaragua. Recommended reading for anyone thinking of moving here!

Del Sur News | Community Newsletter from San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Del Sur News | Community Newsletter from San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.
Del Sur News

Community Newsletter from San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Always a good local source for news of San Juan del Sur, the Del Sur News has been bringin’ it to the people for awhile now. Keep up the good work!