Expats in NicaraguaThe NicaTour Group Blog

Expats in NicaraguaThe NicaTour Group Blog.


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Talk to any of the expats in Nicaragua you’ll meet and you won’t find one who regrets their decision to move to Nica.  Rather you’ll find them leading very relaxed lifestyles, happy with the choice they’ve made for their life.  The reasons for moving abroad are varied.  Ask some, they’ll say they’ve worked hard all their lives, they’ve been taxed to death and they became fed up.  Their savings took a beating during the recession.  They became tired of the politics.  Healthcare in America was eating into their savings and they thought if health insurance costs and medical care keeps rising, there will be nothing left of their savings for retirement. These are some of the more serious reasons for their decision to retire in Nicaragua.

Tanya at Nica Tour Group has an excellent but short article about her findings when talking to folks who have decided to make the leap of faith and move themselves to Nicaragua. Recommended reading for anyone thinking of moving here!

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