Top Five Reasons to Stay at FEPV Instead of in Granada

I just want to preface this by saying that staying in Granada is great, actually.

For certain visitors, Granada is the best place to start your Nicaraguan adventure, that is for certain. If you want to be in a city where there is a thriving expat community, where not speaking Spanish at all or very well will not be too much of an impediment to your getting around and enjoying what the town has to offer, then Granada is a good starting place for your Nicaraguan vacation or volunteering then vacationing visit to this country.

So I am not bashing Granada, are we clear?

So now that is out of the way, here’s the deal…a list if you will:

  1. Cooler weather
  2. Privacy in your own Private Mini-Resort
  3. Best views
  4. Closer to the Managua Airport (MGA)
  5. Quiet and Tranquil Ambience

I have some more reasons to but that is enough for the moment. Let’s cover each of these in turn.

Weather: The farmstay is at 1,000 feet or 300 meters elevation. This may not sound like much, but the only real variant in the climate in a tropical country is the altitude. Managua, Granada, Leon, and of course San Juan del Sur are all just slightly over sea level. The farmstay is in a unique microclimate, a wooded valley exposed to the trade winds where there is a nearly constant breeze. Due to this privileged location, temperatures on the farm can be at least 10 degrees Fahrenheit less then in the hot and sometimes muggy cities.

Privacy in your own mini-resort: The farmstay only has four rooms and one apartment at present, so it is possible to have the whole place to yourself. This is especially true when one rents the deluxe apartment, and the two bunk bed rooms. A group of up to 10 or 12 will have the whole poolfront area to themselves.

Best views: Seeing at least one and sometimes two volcanoes; one of which is active and smokes constantly, plus a wooded valley and a forested hillside/mini-mountain within fifteen minutes of downtown Managua is a tremendous view that is unique to the farmstay

Closer to Managua Airport: The airport is 25 minutes away, about 20 minutes closer then Granada.

Quiet and tranquil ambience: The farm is a working farm in an area that is still mostly family-owned haciendas (both my next door neighbors have been in Comarca San Antonio Sur for 40 years or so). Yes, the first time you come, you will notice that we are off the highway quite a bit. There are no discos or bars nearby. The neighbors do not play loud music. There are more oxen carts rolling past the front of the farm then there are private cars. Several guests have remarked that the farmstay’s location is the quietest environment they have experienced in all of Nicaragua!

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Leon-Managua – NicaShuttle

Leon-Managua – NicaShuttle.

                      MINIMUM 2 PERSONS

This is a new (to me at least) shuttle service with what looks like very fair prices. This would be a very good alternative to either a private taxi or a mini-bus/expresso bus from Managua to Leon.

I notice they leave from Galerias, which is very close to the farmstay. They provide travel to other areas of Nicaragua also, Granada, San Juan del Sur, etc.

BBC – Travel – Nicaragua’s legendary surf camps : Surfing, Central America

BBC – Travel – Nicaragua’s legendary surf camps : Surfing, Central America.

San Juan del Sur Nicaragua

The first step in learning to surf is figuring out how to let go. And there is no place better to let it all slip away than in the chilled-out surf camps on Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast.

After all, it is hard to worry about mortgage payments, taxes and the rising price of health care when you are charging down a wave at 30km per hour, with a turquoise chamber of liquid zen enveloping you on all sides. Patrick Swayze had it right in the 1991 classic movie Point Break: “Surfing’s the source man.”

But luckily for most mere mortals, you do not need Patrick Swayze’s bronzed abs to chase this rush. You just need a few basics, a few bucks, a decent instructor and some choice waves.

Somewhat surprisingly, this is a good, informative article. With some decent selections and mentioning some beaches that are definitely off the beaten track for most surfers. Go BBC!

So Many Reasons to Love Nicaragua…

So Many Reasons to Love Nicaragua….

There’s a lot to be discovered in Nicaragua… A country bursting with opportunity, culture and magnificent wildlife, it’s a place that’s been overlooked by the majority of tourists and expats. But as more and more people hear about what this diverse destination has to offer, that’s beginning to change.

No matter your taste, interest, or budget, you’ll find a lot to adore in Nicaragua.

.So Many Reasons to Love Nicaragua…