Considering Nicaragua as a Retirement Destination

Considering Nicaragua as a Retirement Destination.
Considering Nicaragua as a Retirement Destination?

ou are not alone if you are considering Nicaragua as a retirement destination.

The New York Times lists Nicaragua as one of the must-see tourist destinations of 2013. Forbes Magazine calls Nicaragua “one of the top five retirement destinations” for American citizens.

What’s New?

We’ve got a newly designed website and logo but that’s not all.  We’re offering more tour packages with more travel date options to Nicaragua. We are also facilitatingmedical tourism packageswith our partners in Managua.  Nicaragua is now a key player in the medical tourism industry,  a  destination conveniently close to home for North American clients.  Also, a first for Nicaragua: we’re offeringall inclusive vacations to Nicaraguafrom Montreal, Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, Atlanta and Dallas.

Nica Tour Group has consistently been upgrading the breadth and depth of their Nicaraguan tour offerings and this article makes clear that they continue to be the leader in relocation and retirement tours. Get in on the wave before it is too late (haha just kidding…a little!)

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