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Managua as a Tourist Destination? – Nicaragua Community – Nicaragua Community.

Managua as a Tourist Destination?

By  on June 16, 2013

Perhaps some readers would say it is ridiculous to think of Managua as a tourist town. If the lake Xolotlán had not been polluted and the city was less messy and safer, we would have a much more attractive city in terms of attracting tourists. The authorities and the education of the Managuans can determine if they can exploit the potential of this city.

Saludos Rolando! Thanks for this article. I too am starting to see a few foreign tourists visiting downtown Managua now. It used to be that I would take guests of my bed and breakfast to Managua for a half-day tour and we would rarely see any gringos, but now I do see a few here and there.

One place that is good to visit in addition to the spots you have mentioned is Mirador Tiscapa. There is the foundation of Somoza’s mansion there and there is an exhibit about the life of Augusto C. Sandino there as well. But the best part is the view. One the lakeside, you see “old Managua” and on the southside, you see “new Managua.”

Mike @ Farmstay El Portón Verde

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