The Retirees and the Volcano (Nicaragua) | Retirement and Good Living

The Retirees and the Volcano (Nicaragua) | Retirement and Good Living.

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013   10:25 am |  Category:   Retirement locations   
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My husband and I retired to Ometepe Island, Nicaragua in 2010. We have an enormous fresh water lake, Lake Cocibolca, in our front yard and an active volcano, Vulcan Concepcion, in our back yard. Most of our family thought we were crazy to move to Nicaragua. “Isn’t there a war going on over there?” they would ask. “What will you do if the volcano erupts?”

Retire in Ometepe Island, NicaraguaActually, we never gave much thought to the volcano erupting because we bought a kayak and we figured we could escape easily by paddling rapidly across the lake. You see, we are risk takers. We always have been…and probably always will be. We chose Nicaragua after we delivered school supplies to an impoverished school in Granada, Nicaragua. The people sold us immediately on their vivacious culture, their generosity, and their simplistic living.

Nicely written short story from Debbie Goehring about her and her husband’s life on Ometepe Island. Three years in and they are starting to really get the hang of it, it appears to me. Bravo!

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