Farms Masatepe | venta | farm attraction 24 mz : USD 30000.00

Farms Masatepe | venta | farm attraction 24 mz : USD 30000.00.

farm attraction 24 mz

Property Information

Location: Masatepe
Price $30,000.00
Price/m2 of land $0.17
Construction size m2 0
Lot Size in m2 168000
Benefits Near Transit, Lake View, Mountain View, Water system, Electrïcity, Easy Acces


farm 24 blocks, with adjoining tourist attractions with the viewpoint of Nandasmo, hotel and spa gates of heaven, nimboja hills, house 7 x 12. 82 m in good brick with iron frame and zinc drinking water energy all-weather road stone, cultivated with pineapple, it has, dwarf banana, Hawaiian papaya plants at harvest two years guapinol cedar, mahogany, kapok, melina teak, cashew, mango, narajas, avocados, new fences, water well d sources. negosiable pressures

Wow, this looks to be a really nice property with a nice price! I really like the Pueblos Blancos area of Nicaragua. Close enough to Managua to visit easily for shopping, health care, education, etc. but up in the elevation a bit so the area has good weather. As usual, I have no connection with this property, do not know any more details, so on and so forth. Just click the link above and ask away there!

Someone looking to relocate to Nicaragua and perhaps build their own home and do some “gentleman farming” could do worse then to hang their hat here! Its a lot of fun having a farm in Nicaragua. Especially in this area of Masatepe, the land is very fertile so whatever you wanted to grow would most likely do very well. Setup your permaculture farm here!

Masatepe is known for its furniture making workshops. They have converted their old railroad station into showrooms for the furniture. It is worth the drive to go and see what they have. Some really nice quality and fair prices. I just went a few week ago to have some chaise lounges made. We’ll see tomorrow how they turned out!


Latest five-star review: “Making Managua easy”

Making Managua easy   Review of Farmstay El Porton Verde  Managua  Nicaragua   TripAdvisor

“Making Managua easy”

5 of 5 starsReviewed 1 week ago

We arrived at the end of the day at Managua airport. As arranged for Mike meet us there. We rented a car and followed Mike back to his place. Flawless. Mike mentioned relatives had been over that day and generously made us dinner. We went to bed early and slept well. Breakfast was plentiful and an excellent start to the day. Mike accompanied and guided us Pricesmart where we stocked up for our stay at the beach. We dropped Mike where he wanted and headed off.

Staying at El Porton Verde was one of the smartest things we did on this trip. It made our arrival easy, stress-free and a pleasure.

Mike is an extremely helpful, very interesting guy with a wealth of experience far removed from that of many people. His place is somewhat rustic, very clean, safe and quiet. It is not the Dallas Marriott, but in our opinion, 100 times better. We will make staying at El Porton Verde an essential element of our arrival and departure from Managua on every future trip.

Please ask Mike for my contact information if you would like any further details regarding our experience and expectations about El Porton Verde. I’ll be happy to talk or email with you.


Room Tip: Book the best available room, book every service you might want or need. You will get more than you pay for!
Wow, I am both humble and proud that our guests continue to provide such great reviews for Farmstay El Porton Verde! John and his lovely partner were a delight to host, very interesting people as he is a pilot and she is a well-known casting director in the movie business. From my place, they went on to stay at Rancho Santana. Super nice folks and I really hope to get to see them again. What a wonderful life where I get to meet such interesting people. I am truly blessed, and just around the time of Thanksgiving! 🙂

Why The Affordable Care Act Makes Us Want To Stay Abroad | Suzan Haskins and Dan Prescher

Why The Affordable Care Act Makes Us Want To Stay Abroad | Suzan Haskins and Dan Prescher. 

When it comes to health care, we quite honestly don’t know what to think.

Or rather, we don’t know what our health care strategy would be if we ever wanted to or had to go back to the U.S.

We have insurance now… excellent insurance, in fact. And even if we didn’t, we wouldn’t have to get U.S. insurance to avoid the new penalties under the Affordable Care Act. According to the IRS, U.S. citizens who live abroad at least 330 days of the year (like us) will be treated as if they have qualifying insurance coverage and won’t owe any tax penalty… and that’s true regardless of whether they actually have health insurance in the country where they live.

In many places overseas, not only is your health care more affordable, your lifestyle
can be healthier.
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Rio San Juan, Investment opportunity, Lot for sale at Montecristo

Rio San Juan, Investment opportunity, Lot for sale at Montecristo.Rio San Juan, Nicaragua

The Monte Cristo River Lodge is selling some very nice riverfront lots on the Rio San Juan. Great place to build a cabin and enjoy some relaxing time watching the river pass by!

I haven’t personally been out that way, but the jungle there is just as dense and biodiverse as the deepest parts of the Amazon forest! Very interesting opportunity.

If you end up looking or buying, please let Agustin Llanes know that Mike from Farmstay El Porton Verde let you know about this!

Latest TripAdvisor Review

Latest review from a British visitor who lives in Spain.

Latest review from a British visitor who lives in Spain. Click to read the review on

Super-excited to see JC from Madrid give the Farmstay an excellent review on TripAdvisor. JC was here to teach Reiki, both to the general public and to health practitioners here in Managua, He had a very successful trip, and brought his daughter along for some great bonding moments.

It is always a thrill to see quality family time as only Nicaragua can provide. Imagine your children learning about real play, not being tethered to the electronic device du jour, but having the opportunity to see how people live quite happily without the material goods that are so prevalent in other parts of the world. Not to say that people here do not have the tablets, smartphones, etc. but certainly a much smaller percentage do have such things.

So, yes, I am happy to get a good review. Why? Well, I got a lousy one a few months ago (my first negative review), and frankly I was a bit upset about it. On TripAdvisor, the property owners can give a response to any review, good or bad, so I did that, but wish I had done a more thorough job of refuting or at least attempting to explain each and every issue that these guests had with their visit to the farmstay.

So, now I have at least two really nice reviews that are the first ones folks see, and the lousy one is down the list a bit. But most guests who actually read the reviews on TripAdvisor understand that there are circumstances we can control, and ones we cannot control. Plus, 24 good reviews for every one that is not so good is a ratio I can live with!

I have also had the privilege to host a few couple that run small inns & hotels, bed & breakfast, hostels, auberges, hospedajes, and other lodging types that, like Farmstay El Porton Verde, offer personalized service, local knowledge, and in general, the sort of experience that a hotel generally cannot replicate, (nor are they particularly interested in such things…)

So thanks again JC and yes, I am definitely looking forward to your visit in February!

Nicaragua – People and places: Spectacular view outside Managua

Nicaragua – People and places: Spectacular view outside Managua.

Spectacular view outside Managua

I was able to take this panoramic shot outside of Managua from the carretera suburbana, just a little to the west of San Judas in Managua.  Managua is indeed beautiful…from a distance!  Click on it to see it a bit bigger.  It’s worth it!

Logré tomar esta foto de vista panorámica en las afueras de Managua desde un punto sobre la carretera suburbana, al oeste del barrio San Judas de Managua.  Está bella la ciudad de Managua…de una distancia.  Hace clik en la foto para agrandarla.  ¡Vale la pena!

Why We Chose Nicaragua & Why You Should Too – Time Travel Plans

Why We Chose Nicaragua & Why You Should Too – Time Travel Plans.

Why We Chose Nicaragua & Why You Should Too

On September 25, 2013, in GranadaNicaragua, by Dana Carmel
Wanting to escape to someplace foreign this past summer but short on time due to Jave’s demanding work schedule, we decided to cash in on some frequent flyer miles for a quick jaunt to Granada, Nicaragua. When we shared our plans with friends and family, they were perplexed as to why we’d want to go there. So I thought it’d be helpful to share some of the factors that we considered when choosing Nicaragua as our getaway destination, and hopefully, you’ll be inspired to travel there too.


Top Four “Off the beaten path” Nicaraguan Surfing & Fishing Villages

Your author, surfing Pipes

Your author, surfing Pipes

Top Four”Off the beaten path” Nicaraguan Surfing & Fishing Villages

I had someone contact me via TripAdvisor in a personal message asking about where one might look for a nice surfing family beach vacation for a group of five that might not be located in San Juan del Sur, as they were perhaps aware that SJdS can be a bit of a Nicaraguan version of Key West. The family is looking for something different. Here are my suggestions.

  • Zone 1: Tola, Rivas area.
  • Zone 2: Carazo
  • Zone 3: Leon
  • Zone 4: Chinandega


Some places to look at for an off-the-beaten path surfing vacation with a cultural element of a small fishing village in Nicaragua would be Playa Gigante and Las Salinas/Popoyo in the Tola, Rivas area. Each of these beaches has a local evening scene.

Gigante has a few beach bars with live music and DJ/techno playing on weekends. Gigante also has a good learner’s surfing break, and is a short panga boat ride to the top Tola area surfing breaks. There are a few nice looking homes for rent in this area:

Las Salinas/Popoyo/Guasacate has three names because they often get confused and are all right next or if you look on Google maps, on top of one another. I believe it is correct to say what is usually called Popoyo is really Playa Guasacate, while the area slightly south and inland of the beachfront is called Las Salinas. Anyway… Popoyo the surf break is across the estuary mouth to the south of the tip of the end of a  sort of peninsula running towards San Martin at the north end of Playa Guasacate.


Huehuete and La Boquita are nice beaches, with some neat rock formations that create some interesting little pools and act as breakwalls against the surging Pacific surf. But there are some beachbreaks, and you can also rent panga boats to take you to some nearby surf spots that are not very frequented and you might have the spot to yourself and your buddies. La Boquita is a more organized tourist spot, with beachfront restaurants and small simple hotels.


El Transito, Playa Hermosa, Miramar and Salinas Grandes are all surf and fishing villages. Not too much to be said for their nightlife (little to none) but the surfing is good and they are not that well traveled by most surfers. There’s a great little off-the-grid beach house I know of for rent in Salinas Grandes that is perfect for a romantic couple’s getaway or a few guys and gals on a surf trip.


Los Asseradores, Aposentillo, and Jiquilillo is a stretch of very nice coast up in the furthest northwest of Nicaragua. The Asseradores/Aposentillo area has a few up and coming restaurants like Al Cielo aka “The French Guys” which is an outstanding restaurant considering its remote location. Jiquilillo is Baja-Nicaragua, a real end of the road feel, with a simple fishing village atmosphere and sometimes excellent surf. Again, not much nightlife, but there are a few hostel bars that can be fun, and a couple of local dives that may be interesting if nothing else.

I hope you enjoyed this overview of some of the overlooked, lesser-known, off-the-beaten path areas of Nicaragua for the surfing enthusiast who would like a bit of local exposure, not just be in a tourist trap.File:Las Penitas Beach Rock 3.JPG