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Latest review from a British visitor who lives in Spain.

Latest review from a British visitor who lives in Spain. Click to read the review on

Super-excited to see JC from Madrid give the Farmstay an excellent review on TripAdvisor. JC was here to teach Reiki, both to the general public and to health practitioners here in Managua, He had a very successful trip, and brought his daughter along for some great bonding moments.

It is always a thrill to see quality family time as only Nicaragua can provide. Imagine your children learning about real play, not being tethered to the electronic device du jour, but having the opportunity to see how people live quite happily without the material goods that are so prevalent in other parts of the world. Not to say that people here do not have the tablets, smartphones, etc. but certainly a much smaller percentage do have such things.

So, yes, I am happy to get a good review. Why? Well, I got a lousy one a few months ago (my first negative review), and frankly I was a bit upset about it. On TripAdvisor, the property owners can give a response to any review, good or bad, so I did that, but wish I had done a more thorough job of refuting or at least attempting to explain each and every issue that these guests had with their visit to the farmstay.

So, now I have at least two really nice reviews that are the first ones folks see, and the lousy one is down the list a bit. But most guests who actually read the reviews on TripAdvisor understand that there are circumstances we can control, and ones we cannot control. Plus, 24 good reviews for every one that is not so good is a ratio I can live with!

I have also had the privilege to host a few couple that run small inns & hotels, bed & breakfast, hostels, auberges, hospedajes, and other lodging types that, like Farmstay El Porton Verde, offer personalized service, local knowledge, and in general, the sort of experience that a hotel generally cannot replicate, (nor are they particularly interested in such things…)

So thanks again JC and yes, I am definitely looking forward to your visit in February!

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