Farms Masatepe | venta | farm attraction 24 mz : USD 30000.00

Farms Masatepe | venta | farm attraction 24 mz : USD 30000.00.

farm attraction 24 mz

Property Information

Location: Masatepe
Price $30,000.00
Price/m2 of land $0.17
Construction size m2 0
Lot Size in m2 168000
Benefits Near Transit, Lake View, Mountain View, Water system, Electrïcity, Easy Acces


farm 24 blocks, with adjoining tourist attractions with the viewpoint of Nandasmo, hotel and spa gates of heaven, nimboja hills, house 7 x 12. 82 m in good brick with iron frame and zinc drinking water energy all-weather road stone, cultivated with pineapple, it has, dwarf banana, Hawaiian papaya plants at harvest two years guapinol cedar, mahogany, kapok, melina teak, cashew, mango, narajas, avocados, new fences, water well d sources. negosiable pressures

Wow, this looks to be a really nice property with a nice price! I really like the Pueblos Blancos area of Nicaragua. Close enough to Managua to visit easily for shopping, health care, education, etc. but up in the elevation a bit so the area has good weather. As usual, I have no connection with this property, do not know any more details, so on and so forth. Just click the link above and ask away there!

Someone looking to relocate to Nicaragua and perhaps build their own home and do some “gentleman farming” could do worse then to hang their hat here! Its a lot of fun having a farm in Nicaragua. Especially in this area of Masatepe, the land is very fertile so whatever you wanted to grow would most likely do very well. Setup your permaculture farm here!

Masatepe is known for its furniture making workshops. They have converted their old railroad station into showrooms for the furniture. It is worth the drive to go and see what they have. Some really nice quality and fair prices. I just went a few week ago to have some chaise lounges made. We’ll see tomorrow how they turned out!


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