Latest five-star review: “Making Managua easy”

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“Making Managua easy”

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We arrived at the end of the day at Managua airport. As arranged for Mike meet us there. We rented a car and followed Mike back to his place. Flawless. Mike mentioned relatives had been over that day and generously made us dinner. We went to bed early and slept well. Breakfast was plentiful and an excellent start to the day. Mike accompanied and guided us Pricesmart where we stocked up for our stay at the beach. We dropped Mike where he wanted and headed off.

Staying at El Porton Verde was one of the smartest things we did on this trip. It made our arrival easy, stress-free and a pleasure.

Mike is an extremely helpful, very interesting guy with a wealth of experience far removed from that of many people. His place is somewhat rustic, very clean, safe and quiet. It is not the Dallas Marriott, but in our opinion, 100 times better. We will make staying at El Porton Verde an essential element of our arrival and departure from Managua on every future trip.

Please ask Mike for my contact information if you would like any further details regarding our experience and expectations about El Porton Verde. I’ll be happy to talk or email with you.


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Wow, I am both humble and proud that our guests continue to provide such great reviews for Farmstay El Porton Verde! John and his lovely partner were a delight to host, very interesting people as he is a pilot and she is a well-known casting director in the movie business. From my place, they went on to stay at Rancho Santana. Super nice folks and I really hope to get to see them again. What a wonderful life where I get to meet such interesting people. I am truly blessed, and just around the time of Thanksgiving! 🙂

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