Nicaragua Third Quarter Tourist Visits Length of Stay – Bloomberg

Nicaragua Third Quarter Tourist Visits Length of Stay – Bloomberg.

Following is a table for Nicaragua’s third quarter tourism survey from the Central Bank in Managua:

                      --- Daily Spend USD ---       --- Length of Stay/Days ---
                      Total    Air      Land           Total      Air     Land
Total                 40.7     61.3     29.7            8.68     7.62    10.64
Region of Origin      
 Central America      30.9     101.9    27.9             6.6      3.9      6.8
 Europe               53.5     85.0     40.0             9.9      7.8     11.7
 North America        47.9     52.0     31.9            10.0     10.0     10.2
 South America        61.1     93.2     33.9             9.5     11.4     12.7
 Other regions        82.1     140.2    38.3             7.4      5.0     11.8
Note: Total tourism spending in USD per day per person

SOURCE: Banco Central de Nicaragua

This is the latest information about tourism in Nicaragua during the third quarter of the year 2013. I see some interesting information here and wonder if you do too?

What I’m seeing right away are two things:

  • European, Central and South American tourists have a higher daily spend then do North Americans and “Other Regions” spends more then everyone else on average..
  • Most visitors average approximately ten days in-country.

My takeaway on this is that it would be interesting to see where the folks from “Other Regions” originate. My assumption is Asians mostly from the PRC, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other countries such as South Korea. The data fits this assumption in that this segment are here in Nicaragua for a relatively short duration; they stay in-country just one day more then Central Americans, and they have that higher spend rate.

I am surprised that Europeans do not, on average, stay longer in-country then do North Americans. My possibly incorrect assumption is that Europeans have longer vacations then do folks from N.A. which would tend to support their staying longer.

Possibly it is the snowbirds from the USA and Canada that have made the data indicate a near-tie in total length of stay? I have lots of guests who come down in November or December and are staying until March or April. Whereas more “vacation” oriented visitors are generally here seven, 10, or 14 days.

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