Lots / Land Tola | venta | VENTA DE PROPIEDAD EN TOLA : USD 11000.00

Lots / Land Tola | venta | VENTA DE PROPIEDAD EN TOLA : USD 11000.00.

Property Information

Location: Tola
Price $11,000.00
Price/m2 of land $0.07
Construction size m2 0
Lot Size in m2 140520
Benefits Ocean View


Finca de 20 manzanas, excelente vista al mar:Boca de Brito, documento en regla-escritura pública, un solo dueño, cercada y pozo; precio $11000.00 cada manzana.












NOTE: This author nor Farmstay El Porton Verde have any interest in, or further information about this property. If this property is something you may want to learn more about, please follow the link above and contact the seller and/or broker.

What I will say is that this is a 20 manzana property located in Tola, Rivas with an ocean view towards Brito. This is the same general area where the Mukul Resort, Iguana Beach, Rancho Santana, and other residential and resort developments are taking place. Also, this property would be near all of the great surfing spots such as Popoyo, Manzanillo, Santana, Jiquiliste, etc.

This is the hot zone for real estate in southwestern Nicaragua, and at $11,000 per manzana, which is 1.78 acres in size, this land has some potential. If you do contact the seller, please let them know that you found out about it from Mike @ Farmstay El Porton Verde!

Warm Up in Nicaragua | Nicaraguan Tourism Board


Warm Up in Nicaragua

While the polar vortex and winter storms are chilling North America, Nicaragua awaits with sunshine in abundance. Just a short hop from the U.S. and Canada, Nicaragua offers sunny beaches, affordable luxury, pristine nature and tons to do. Discover the “Land of Lakes and Volcanoes” and warm up in Nicaragua this winter!

via Warm Up in Nicaragua.

Destinations to watch in 2014, (Condé Nast Traveller)

Destinations to watch in 2014 (Condé Nast Traveller).
Little Corn Island, Nicaragua


Be first to discover Latin America’s most exciting emerging destination

You can’t keep a good country down. For too long beset by war, poverty, dictators and natural disaster, Nicaragua is now shaking off its misfortune and pulling itself up by the bootstraps.

Until recently, only the hardiest of travellers – the kind who carry their own bags and aren’t deterred by civil war – ventured into Nicaragua. It was hard work. The loos were horrible.

Finally, that’s changing. The government has been taking lessons from its more tourist-friendly neighbour of Costa Rica (itself a hot destination at the moment, with its cool surf towns and an amazing new Andaz hotel opening in 2014), investing in services and infrastructure, and unveiling their beautiful country to the world.

‘Nicaragua is one those countries that has it all,’ says Rafe Stone, Nicaragua expert at Journey Latin America. ‘A dramatic volcanic range, charming colonial cities like Granada and León, and rainforests full of unusual wildlife, flanked by a rugged Pacific coast on one side and white-sand Caribbean beaches and islands on the other.

As reported earlier on this website, with the new year come new pro-Nicaragua articles. it does make sense, what the article says, so yes, why don’t you plan on coming down real soon now y’ahear?

Nicaragua’s perfect getaway – Review of Farmstay El Porton Verde, Managua, Nicaragua – TripAdvisor

“Nicaragua’s perfect getaway”

via Nicaragua’s perfect getaway – Review of Farmstay El Porton Verde, Managua, Nicaragua – TripAdvisor.

Mike was a fantastic host. He met us at the airport, took us on a thrilling ride through town to the B&B and even offered us a beer to welcome us to Managua. In the morning Juana had prepared a delicious breakfast. The remainder of our trip was to be in Pochomil, so the next morning, he took us to the grocery store and helped us shop. He also took us to exchange currency, and then drove us to Pochomil. On our last day, Mike came & picked us up in Pochomil. For a small fee, Mike will take you on just about any tour that you’d like. We had him take us to Grenada and he showed us the sights around town. On the way back to Managua, Mike took us to see the volcano. During all the driving, Mike was the perfect tour guide as he told us all about the different areas we went through as well as colorful stories of his time in Nicaragua. Juana had a chicken dinner ready for us when we arrived at the farm that evening. We spent one more night at the Farmstay and left for home early the next morning. We certainly enjoyed both our stay at the farm and our time with Mike. We felt as if we were staying with an old friend.

Nicaragua Top Travel Destination 2014 / The Nicaragua Report

Nicaragua Top Travel Destination 2014.surfers-beach-nicaragua-travel

Since 2013, the media has been listing Nicaragua as the new go-to tourist destination. Again, in 2014, some of the top travel and business publications websites are again shouting out Nicaragua as one of the top travel destinations.

With a variety of landscapes made up of coastal shores, lakes, volcanoes, mountain, cloud forests and plenty of activities for the tourist, Nicaragua offers much to please all age groups and tastes. From backpackers to mature travelers, surfers, sun-seekers, history buffs, nature lovers and lovers of Latin American culture, find out why Nicaragua is again on the list of go-see travel destinations in 2014.

This article by Nicaragua Report links to several additional articles about Nicaragua and why it is a “hot” spot to go and visit. I noticed starting last year that several of the major publications in the USA began to take notice of Nicaragua, including CNN, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, etc. This trend is continuing in 2014. Click through to see the links to other articles on a bunch of additional websites.

It is great to see that Nicaragua is becoming a destination for the general traveling public in North America. Also, the more articles that are written in these major publications, the less likely that people will continue to have some of the misconceptions about the country that have prevailed in the past.

Bundle Up: The Polar Vortex is Returning to Put the US in Another Deep Freeze | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building


Bundle Up: The Polar Vortex is Returning to Put the US in Another Deep Freeze | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building.

Great for Nicaragua but bad for East Coasters and Canadians! So what was the weather like today at the farmstay? The high was probably about 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Nicaragua grows as a destination for retirees / El Nuevo Diario

January 13, 2014 | 14:31:44

Granada, Nicaragua | Google translate of elnuevodiario.com.ni

Nicaragua grows as a destination for retirees

Darrell and Amy Bushnell, are an American couple who live in Granada for eight years and why they have made this city their home

By Andrea Sepulveda | National

Nicaragua grows as a destination for retirees
The colonial city of Granada is also one of the main tourist areas of Nicaragua. STOCK / END


Nicaragua has been growing as one of the preferred destinations for retirees.

Like last year, this 2014 magazine International Living Nicaragua selected among the 15 best places for retirees. A nomination is confirmed to see how increasing Americans, Canadians and other foreigners who have chosen Nicaragua as their home after retirement.This is the case of Darrell and Amy Bushnell, who live in Granada for eight years.

The couple has been integrated into the city through some cultural activities such as art classes, working in libraries and even through the website -guide.com www.nicaragua reporting on Nicaragua who want to settle in the country.

“I think the initial interest to come to retire here is that the cost of living is low. Proximity to the United States is also a factor, but I think the people who visit do it because people liked Nicaragua, “said Darrell Bushnell.

“One of the good things that we see especially in Granada, is that we accept the premises. When we have difficulty with a word in Spanish are friendly and help us and even if you know nothing of Spanish can make yourself understood in the city because the people are so friendly and easy to communicate with them even with gestures, “Amy said.

While many look for cities like Granada, Leon and San Juan del Sur to be installed, there are foreigners who opt for a luxurious retreat in housing developments such as Gran Pacifica or Guacalito the Island

“We have about 15% or 20% of foreign investors who have bought homes, apartments or lots for their homes and in the future to move here,” said Andrew Valldejuli, Regional Sales Manager of the resort on the island Guacalito

This luxurious complex offers first class services in an idyllic landscape for prices ranging from $ 500,000 and $ 4 million.

“Our customer is a special customer. You are looking for that nature that man is not made as elsewhere in Latin America and are looking for a safe place where it can invest and invest some of your time. In our experience the customer will not live here 100% of the time. This is their second or third house, “said Valldejuli.

Incredible Service and Stay – Review of Farmstay El Porton Verde, Managua, Nicaragua – TripAdvisor

“Incredible Service and Stay”

Reviewed 2 days ago NEW

Mike, the US American owner starts out and continues to treat his guests like favored friends. He met us at the airport without a hassle and then kindly took us to a supermarket to put in some supplies into the apartment of his that we are renting. He didn’t just drop us off, but went in with us to help orient us to the layout of the store.

The apartment was excellent with a bedroom, bath and separate kitchen. We could have walked his farm, but the pool was right outside our door. We became pool slugs for most of our time there. Mike arranged for his cook to prepare our dinners too for a fee so low, we couldn’t have eaten out for that amount. Each night, it was abundant and delicious. Breakfast, which was included in the rental, was just as good.

For an additional fee, Mike toured us around Managua and let us loose to see the museum, but after collecting us, took us to a park we would not have discovered on our own. We tried some Nicaraguan treats we would not have known about otherwise.

We had a great time. The apartment is an excellent value. The views are beautiful.

Room Tip: There are no bad rooms, but the apartment is really comfortable for a couple to spread out.

via Incredible Service and Stay – Review of Farmstay El Porton Verde, Managua, Nicaragua – TripAdvisor.

3rd International Cigar Festival – Puro Sabor

3rd International Cigar Festival – “Nicaragua Puro Sabor”

via 3rd International Cigar Festival – Puro Sabor.
3rd International Cigar Festival

This January 15-18, 2014, Nicaragua will host the 3rd International Cigar Festival – “Nicaragua Puro Sabor” – in the capital city of Managua and in Estelí in northern Nicaragua, where some of the world’s finest tobacco is grown.

Key tobacco producers and cigar manufacturers from throughout Nicaragua will join together to share the incredible hand-made cigars of Nicaragua and all that goes into them. Cigar-lovers will be able to visit tobacco plantations, cigar factories, and exhibitions where they can sample Nicaraguan cigars – some of the best in the world – and meet the people who passionately craft them.

Sign up today to experience the essence of Nicaragua’s cigars.
For more information on this unforgettable event, go to www.TabacalerosNicaragua.com.