Thousands of dollars in metal grove

Thousands of dollars in metal grove

The waste of the ‘Tree of Life’

ENATREL executes the work, but its president, Salvador Mansell, calla. Mayor of Managua finances part of the grove, but the largest amount comes “presidency” says councilman. Engineers estimated at more than $ 20,000 the cost of each tree, without spending energy and security

Confidencial   El derroche de los  Árboles de la Vida

Metal Arboleda. The Avenida Bolívar has become a colorful ride through tree called life. Carlos Herrera / Confidential.
Photo: Metallic Arboleda. The Avenida Bolívar has become a colorful ride through tree called life. Carlos Herrera / Confidential.
At noon the sidewalks of the newly revamped Avenida Bolívar fill with people. Workers of state institutions and citizens move dizzying pace in search of lunch. The noise of cars and crews of workers who still work on the road, make this urban landscape now flanked by huge yellow metal structures, the official propaganda called the ‘Tree of Life’. Officially, no one realizes the cost and who is funding the work, although the Mayor of Managua point to the Presidency of the Republic.

On the sidewalk of the National Arboretum, Juan Ramón Cerros wait a bus. His face is sweaty and hooked under his arm holds a yellow folder with which he hopes to get a job. The 23-year Sandinista openly declared, but explains that it does not make sense to install these ‘Trees of Life’, which are built by the National Electricity Transmission Company (ENATREL).

“I honestly do not see any benefit. Enlargement (Avenue) is perhaps good for activities, but these trees do not look at them no good. Poor there need to eat to be spending that money for nothing. Honestly I am Sandinista, but things have to see their reality, “claims Cerros.

Young makes reference to his political party because the ornamentation of Bolivar Avenue connects directly with the colors and symbols of the government of Daniel Ortega. The 22 trees have been planted so far are identical to the 8 clothed celebrating the 34th anniversary of the Sandinista Revolution last July 19. A new fashion attributed to the first lady, Rosario Murillo, now rampant in the old center of Managua.

Each of these metal structures is approximately 14 meters high and 6 meters wide. Have more than a hundred of yellow plugs, connected by means of a complex wiring. Experts consulted by Confidential explained that each ‘Tree of Life’ has a cost of $ 20,000. The 22 trees would total $ 440,000.

The metal frame, which stand 3 inch tubes, round tubes half boxes perlines 4×4 Print 1.6 caliber, is trading at about seven thousand dollars. The wiring, spark plugs, energy stabilizer and other electrical equipment can be bought about nine thousand dollars.
Confidencial   El derroche de los  Árboles de la Vida 2
View roundabout now called Hugo Chavez in Managua. Carlos Herrera / Confidential.
Given the size of the structures, the bases being built require at least one concrete pipe, whose market value is around 1000 $ 700. To give a yellow color to each required an average of 3 buckets of paint. That would have to add labor. As a civil engineer consulted for this report and who asked not to mention at least 6 men are required to make each tree.

“Do not panic if each tree costs more than $ 20,000, because you need cranes, welding and quite special drills to build them,” praised the engineer.

A cost of construction and installation, the security must be added. The Trees of Life are guarded 24 hours a day by security guards scattered throughout the Bolívar, who work for the company’s Goliath, owned by José Mojica Mejia, economic interests directly linked to the commander Ortega as investigative journalism. The value of maintaining a monitoring service 24 hours costs at least $ 900, said industry sources who also wished to remain anonymous.

The workshop where they are manufacturing the ‘Tree of Life’ is located in the Plaza de la Fe in Managua, outdoors. There, workers uniforms ENATREL are busy making structures, although in the 2013 budget of the institution this item is not detailed.

Congressman Enrique Sáenz and member of the Committee on Production, Economics and Budget, reconfirmed that the budget is not stipulated ENATREL construction, concerning the recent amendment to the General Budget of the Republic.

“What appears to Managua assigned if ENATREL is to complete the electrification of settlements, but nothing that relates to the installation of those trees,” the lawmaker said.

Saenz said that in this case the violent ENATREL Budget Law. “The rule of law states that can run only expenses set out in the Annual Budget Act. So that here we are facing a violation of the law if ENATREL resources,” he said.

“But there is another option that just leaving the bars leather: That have made a monument to all this paraphernalia Chavez and the resources of Chavez,” said Deputy referring to the rotunda dedicated to former Venezuelan president, where tear the ‘Tree of Life’.

A newsletter sponsored by official propaganda ENATREL assumes responsibility for lighting celebration on 19 July and the roundabout Chavez.

“The Cra Rosario Murillo, coordinator of the Communication and Citizenship Council for Development and Social Welfare, commended ENATREL workers, who under the direction of Cro. Mansell C. Salvador, and supported by l @ s comrades @ s of the Mayor of Managua, made possible scenario which pays tribute to Lord Commander, “reads the document.

When asked about it, the engineer Salvador Mansell, president of ENATREL dodged to comment. “What costs are the ‘Tree of Life’ engineer?” He asked. Public officers slipped and the only answer that was left door. He left in his truck Toyota HiLux .

The construction of the ‘Tree of Life’, the Rotunda Hugo Chavez, the monument to the heroes of the Dawn, Luis Alfonso Velasquez Park and Pier Salvador Allende are part of a larger project which has been dubbed ‘Walk Xolotlán’ .

The mayor of Managua (ALMA) has participated in construction, but according to the opposition council, Omar Lola, most of the expenses incurred by the district capital being paid off with a transfer of 70 million Cordobas who made the government Daniel Ortega.

“Splurge energy”

“The work goes against efficiency, energy saving, and the reduction of the oil bill,” says electrical engineer. Carlos Herrera / Confidential.

To date, at Avenida Bolivar there are several crews. The ‘Tree of Life’ are virtually installed and evening their small candles are lit. It’s quite a light assembly that is visible from afar.

Armando Lopez, a plump philosophy student, appreciates that now there is this dark road. “It’s good because there are street lights, but the reality is that I do not like those trees, was better before. Give you style that is all ugly and the people are the one who pays,” praised the young man as he walked through the place.

Electrical Engineer Fernando Barcenas said the power consumption of the components of the Bolivar round 10 thousand 485 U.S. dollars monthly. This expert living in the area where they are located the ‘Tree of Life’ and has studied the components and operation forming the ‘Paseo Xolotlán’.
Confidencial   El derroche de los  Árboles de la Vida 3
“The Tree of Life called (excluding those located in the Plaza de la Fe), on both sides remain on for a period of four hours, which represents a monthly consumption of 21,859 kilowatt-hours. Every tree involves monthly energy cost of $ 477, “Barcenas calculated.

Only Chavez monument continues the expert, has just over 15 thousand plugs 1.5 Watts each, have a monthly consumption of 3,047 kilowatt-hours. Moreover, in addition, have provided 46 reflectors that serve as luminaries, plus 13 that remain off.

“This goes against the trend toward efficiency, energy saving, and the reduction of the oil bill. It is a waste of energy,” said Barcenas.

So far no authority responds on financing the work. Given the secrecy, Confidential introduced more than a week based on the Law on Access to Public Information officers to know costs and project FUNDING application, but until press time the secretary of the institution said that “yet no answer. ”

The ‘Tree of Life’, which are adapted from the work of Austrian painter Gustav Klimt, and get to talk to citizens transiting or trading in the Bolivar area. There are different opinions.

La seller of soft drinks, Araceli Garcia, states that “looks nice all you that are poniendo because vain to be as a tourist center.” La clerk Damaris Solis says that “to be honest I like the actually design it in me llama la attention.” La madre family, Raquel Morales, if you decide on “the veil you ni ni bien wrong, but set off all them trees that were nearby. On one hand beautiful, but it is damaging the environment.” La old woman Victoria Suarez dice it all you are that “you’re setting it mejor de la nature”.

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  2. I’ll be honest, I think they look cool. But I was a big Dr. Seuss fan when I was younger.

    It is true the price tag is ridiculous and the energy bill is atrocious, but one thing to consider is that this art display, especially centered around the plaza, is a political move. It’s a big public “thank you” to Venezuela for all the freebies we have received and a “please don’t stop the oil flowing” to Venezuela for all the freebies we hope to continue to receive.

    The trees are based on this painting:

    and I think that is cool too.

    Don’t worry…Nicaragua is on an upswing and I really believe this will help to give MGA a bit of a tourism center. Shame the lanes in the boulevard are two different colors and look like they were painted by a drunken donkey. It could have almost been perfect. Then again, that is kind of the charm of Nicaragua, right?


    • You do have a good point there Casey. There definitely is a “downtown” Managua area, and even though it isn’t exactly the Las Vegas Strip, it does at least have a bit of the lights! I just had guests who wanted to do a Managua tour and they were moderately impressed with the area, so that’s something at least…cheers, -mq

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