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January 13, 2014 | 14:31:44

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Nicaragua grows as a destination for retirees

Darrell and Amy Bushnell, are an American couple who live in Granada for eight years and why they have made this city their home

By Andrea Sepulveda | National

Nicaragua grows as a destination for retirees
The colonial city of Granada is also one of the main tourist areas of Nicaragua. STOCK / END


Nicaragua has been growing as one of the preferred destinations for retirees.

Like last year, this 2014 magazine International Living Nicaragua selected among the 15 best places for retirees. A nomination is confirmed to see how increasing Americans, Canadians and other foreigners who have chosen Nicaragua as their home after retirement.This is the case of Darrell and Amy Bushnell, who live in Granada for eight years.

The couple has been integrated into the city through some cultural activities such as art classes, working in libraries and even through the website www.nicaragua reporting on Nicaragua who want to settle in the country.

“I think the initial interest to come to retire here is that the cost of living is low. Proximity to the United States is also a factor, but I think the people who visit do it because people liked Nicaragua, “said Darrell Bushnell.

“One of the good things that we see especially in Granada, is that we accept the premises. When we have difficulty with a word in Spanish are friendly and help us and even if you know nothing of Spanish can make yourself understood in the city because the people are so friendly and easy to communicate with them even with gestures, “Amy said.

While many look for cities like Granada, Leon and San Juan del Sur to be installed, there are foreigners who opt for a luxurious retreat in housing developments such as Gran Pacifica or Guacalito the Island

“We have about 15% or 20% of foreign investors who have bought homes, apartments or lots for their homes and in the future to move here,” said Andrew Valldejuli, Regional Sales Manager of the resort on the island Guacalito

This luxurious complex offers first class services in an idyllic landscape for prices ranging from $ 500,000 and $ 4 million.

“Our customer is a special customer. You are looking for that nature that man is not made as elsewhere in Latin America and are looking for a safe place where it can invest and invest some of your time. In our experience the customer will not live here 100% of the time. This is their second or third house, “said Valldejuli.

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