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Nicaragua Top Travel Destination 2014.surfers-beach-nicaragua-travel

Since 2013, the media has been listing Nicaragua as the new go-to tourist destination. Again, in 2014, some of the top travel and business publications websites are again shouting out Nicaragua as one of the top travel destinations.

With a variety of landscapes made up of coastal shores, lakes, volcanoes, mountain, cloud forests and plenty of activities for the tourist, Nicaragua offers much to please all age groups and tastes. From backpackers to mature travelers, surfers, sun-seekers, history buffs, nature lovers and lovers of Latin American culture, find out why Nicaragua is again on the list of go-see travel destinations in 2014.

This article by Nicaragua Report links to several additional articles about Nicaragua and why it is a “hot” spot to go and visit. I noticed starting last year that several of the major publications in the USA began to take notice of Nicaragua, including CNN, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, etc. This trend is continuing in 2014. Click through to see the links to other articles on a bunch of additional websites.

It is great to see that Nicaragua is becoming a destination for the general traveling public in North America. Also, the more articles that are written in these major publications, the less likely that people will continue to have some of the misconceptions about the country that have prevailed in the past.

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